Call of Duty Warzone: TRIOS return as Warzone hits HUGE milestone

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It's not everyday that being virtually dropped into a warzone brings can bring so much comfort.

With lockdown still being the case for millions over the world, and with a very loose idea of when it'll change - many are turning to gaming to explore, adventure and escape into different digital worlds.

We've already seen companies do their fair share to make everyone's lives just a little more bearable at this time, such as Google making Stadia free for a couple months.

However, recently another change was made that continues the 'listening to the players' narrative, specifically with a recent decision to reverse the latest change to Call of Duty: Warzone.

Fan backlash

Originally, the hugely popular Call of Duty Warzone gave players the option to be dropped in solo or as part of three person group. However this was set to change.

Rumours of introducing quads and duos into Call of Duty Warzone were rife long before the update came and it seemed that the general consensus was one of excitement.

However, once the change did land, players were left frustrated when the option to be in a Trio was removed.

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LEFT HANGING: Some players felt removing trios all together was unnecessary

Quick fix

Usually, addressing fan feedback does not warrant a quick, reactive move, with many developers waiting until the next season, or next major update to make ammends.

Infinity Ward, on the other hand, took only 2 days to respond and re-introduce trios as an option in Warzone.

The move was met with praise as, once again, we're served a reminder of how important the role of the player is within the gaming industry.

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STOPPING POWER: Fans speaking up is becoming a recurring, and effective, pattern

Huge milestone

Call of Duty Warzone has been setting records for sometime now, but the most recent milestone smashed is truly impressive.


Over 50 million people have dropped into the Warzone to date. That's only 10 million off the total population of the UK, to give some perspective.

Records broken, a company that listens to the people and let's face it, one incredibly addictive game - looks like there's some light at the end of this gulag after all!

COD 50 million
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NO SIGN OF SLOWING DOWN: With the current state of lock-down, the number of players is sure to keep rising

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