Cold War Zombies DLC 4 is going to show us the true power of the Dark Aether

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Black Ops Cold War Season 6 is on the way and the final round-based Zombies map is a matter of weeks away. Here's everything we know about Black Ops Cold War Zombies DLC 4 and when we should find out more information about the next entry into the Dark Aether storyline...

INTEL INCOMING - When do we find out more?

Treyarch has shared the following tweet - which confirms that we should start seeing some solid details about Black Ops Cold War Season 6 and the final round-based Zombies map from September 28th - earlier this week. It says the following:

" Okay, we've teased enough… or have we?

Watch for new intel this week on the final round-based #BlackOpsColdwar Zombies map, starting tomorrow.

#Zombies #SeasonSix"

From what we can tell, based on the image in the announcement tweet, we're going to learn about the new Wonder Weapon first...

"Looks like you'll get your wish for an "authentic Dark Aether weapon" after all. - Strauss"

This should be announced alongside a confirmation of the new Zombies map's name and then followed by more narrative details and a Season 6 roadmap - based on how they've handled previous seasonal updates. We'll keep you updated on the latest and any more Zombies teasers...

TEASER THREE - She's ready, alright...

The next Zombies teaser is here and Treyarch is sharing a little bit more about how Maxis is going to play a part in what's to come. Here's what it says...

" After consulting with Doctor Grey and Officer Weaver, I have decided to approve Maxis for Operation First Domino. Over the last several months, she has learned much about her powers - and how to control them. She is ready.
"Unfortunately, she has not been approved to return to Requiem at this time and will fulfil her obligations from [[REDACTED]] where my team can monitor her and ensure she is not at risk of [[REDACTED]]. She may not be in the field, but rest assured she has a role to play as [[REDACTED]] and [[REDACTED]].
"I know you have questions, and I appreciate your patience through this time. I understand what she has come to mean to you, and you only want what is best fr her. Just know that [[REDACTED]] she is safe."

TEASER TWO - Zykov needs help!

Treyarch has shared another Zombies teaser, which appears to link DLC 4 and the new Zombies map to the first cutscene from Die Maschine. It reads as follows:

" Team -
" This is your target: Sergeant Kazimir Zykov. Forty years ago, he sacrificed himself and shut down the particle accelerator at Projekt Endstation, closing the portal to the Dark Aether. Then, in November of 1983, Omega reopened it. Now they're going after him.
" Zykov is the single most important intelligence asset Requiem has encountered. He has unparalleled knowledge about the Dark Aether and he knows how to defeat the Forsaken.
"If Kravchenko succeeds and takes him into custody, we lose Zykov - for good. You must locate and extract him before Omega can.
"He's been a part of this from the beginning. Let's bring him home.
" - Weaver."

TEASER ONE - Redlight, Greenlight

Treyarch's first teaser for the next Zombies map - which would be DLC 4 - is as follows:

" Weaver -
This is the place. We must make our stand here.
- Ravenov. "

If you've played Black Ops Cold War's campaign, you'll recognise this location as the Soviet Base you infiltrate with Woods in the mission Redlight, Greenlight. Inside, the Soviets have been recreating a typical American town for training purposes.


There's a Burger Town, an Arcade... This could actually be one of the best Zombies maps yet if Treyarch makes the most of the interesting combination of themes in this environment. The next Zombies map could perfectly marry the harsh brutalist structures of the Soviet Base with the warmth and humour brought about by a "stereotypical American town".

START DATE - When does Season 6 kick-off?

Black Ops Cold War Season 6 should start around October 6th - this is when Season 5 is scheduled to end. We don't know if this is the case, yet, though. So, it's best to take this date with a pinch of salt.

Black Ops Cold War's most recent Zombies map - Mauer Der Toten - also didn't launch at the start of the season.

We know that DLC 4 - the next Zombies map being teased with the above teasers - is going to be coming with Season 6, but Treyarch hasn't specified if this is at the start or in-season. We will need to wait for more confirmation.