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Apex Legends Season 15: New Teaser Revealed Confirms Leaks

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Apex Legends has had an official teaser image for season 15 of the game which reveals some key information.

There has been a bunch of leaks, videos, and images of season 15.

However, now there has been some official information released by Respawn Entertainment.

The latest teaser shows some plans that Octane has and confirms previous leaks about the newest season.

So, let's take a look at the teaser image for season 15 of Apex Legends and what this means for players.

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Apex Legends season 15 teaser

On the official Apex Legends Twitter account @PlayApex, a tweet was posted as a teaser for the new season.

So, season 15's teaser showed a scattered table with a bunch of sketches, maps, food and drink scattered around it.

Another head can also be seen down the bottom. Many fans are speculating that this may be Seer's head as it is his hometown.

Additionally, it looks like Octane is planning to move his town takeover to a new location... but where is it?

It is most probably the new moon map, now officially named Boreas.

Boreas confirmed?

Octane's masterful sketch shows the new map with a little more colour compared to previous leaks.

Players are beginning to see little bits more of the new moon-based map, titled Boreas.

This confirms several leaks from a few months ago of the same description.

Boreas is also the homeplace of Seer, which may lead us to a Seer heirloom released sometime in season 15.

However, until we hear any more official information? We can never know.

Keep your eyes peeled for regular updates on this article about any future information.

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