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Respawn Entertainment confirm Season 10 ranked rewards ahead of update

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Apex Legends Season 10 starts on August 3rd and that means we're just a matter of hours away from a new season of ranked gameplay from Respawn Entertainment's shooter. Here's the latest on the Season 10 Ranked Rewards and everything you need to know about both Ranked BR and Ranked Arenas.

Legacy Rewards Confirmed

Ahead of Season 10, Respawn Entertainment had the following to say in regards to the Season 10 Ranked Rewards...

" The [below] image shows the badges you’ll get depending on the highest rank you achieved. For those Diamond-ranked and up, you’ll also get a nifty dive trail once the Emergence update drops."
Apex Legends Season 10 Ranked Rewards Legacy
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LEGACY REWARDS CONFIRMED - Diamond Rank and above get Dive Trails

If you're wondering what we're going to get in Season 10, you'll have to wait. Expect something similar, though. Ranked Badges always crop up, but the Dive Trails might be replaced with something like a Weapon Charm or a Banner cosmetic. Only time will tell.

Ranked BR - Ranked Split

World's Edge is going to feature first in Ranked BR, following the map changes being made in Season 10's Emergence update. The first half of the Ranked BR season is due to begin on August 3rd and will run until September 21st.

Apex Legends Season 10 Ranked Rewards World's Edge
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NEW POI LOCATIONS - World's Edge is going to be different from what you remember

Following this, Kings Canyon will replace it and the "remainder of the season will play out". This should be roughly another seven weeks and take us up into the middle of November.

Ranked Arenas - Map Rotation

In the first season of Ranked Arenas, there's going to be six maps in rotation. Three of these are Arenas-exclusive locations and three will be taken from pre-existing BR maps. This season's Ranked Arenas maps are...

  • Party Crasher;
  • Phase Runner;
  • Overflow;
  • Kings Canyon - Hillside;
  • World's Edge - Dome;
  • Olympus - Oasis;

This selection is the same as Standard Arenas playlists; however, the Ranked Arenas maps will rotate on an hourly basis instead of every 15 minutes.