WWE 2K19: Best Top Rope Finishers

There is nothing more spectacular than a rarely-used, huge finisher off the top rope. What are the best top rope finishers in WWE 2K19?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

There are a million and one moves you can do in WWE 2K19, and you can make all of them a finisher in the move-set editor. You could make a simple arm drag your finisher if you want, but where is the fun in that?

Some of the most exciting and impactful moves in wrestling are top rope finishers. These are rarely pulled out in real matches, usually saved for extreme moments and main events.

How to select a top rope finisher in WWE 2K19

To set a new finisher to a superstar, you need go to the main menu and select MyWWE -> Edit Superstars. From there select the superstar you want to give the move too. Most superstars will not have a top rope finisher selected, but you can change that by clicking on them and then going down to “Finishers”. This will take you to the move-set editor where you need to select “Special Moves”, the finishers are under here and from there you can select a new finisher, including the top rope moves.

Not every finisher has a top rope version available but there are plenty of excellent options for you can choose from. Here are our favorites. 

Avalanche Pedigree

A version of the top rope Pedigree was used by CM Punk on the Indie scene, but this is a slightly safer version. Triple H does not use this, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t edit him into having it for his annual WrestleMania match. This move does massive head damage (obviously) and some torso damage too. It’s a real crusher for any opponent.

Avalanche Angle Slam

The most famous Avalanche Angle Slam came at King Of The Ring 2001 against Shane McMahon. While this WWE 2K19 version of the move isn’t quite the same, it’s still wonderfully effective against any opponent. Kurt Angle doesn’t have this in his move-set to start with so you’ll have to use the editor to set it up, but it does enormous torso damage and some head damage too.

Avalanche Attitude Adjustment

John Cena’s super-finisher is already in his move-set, but you don’t see it on WWE TV much at all. A hugely powerful slam, the Avalanche Attitude Adjustment deals huge torso damage and some head damage to your opponent and can be done on any wrestler with Cena. 

Superplex/Falcon Arrow Combo

When Seth Rollins debuted this move during his Authority run against John Cena, it looked like a natural finishing move. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your finisher. It deals massive torso damage and has a natural roll into a pin cover too. This is one of the most spectacular top rope moves available, although not technically a finisher in the WWE, it’s perfect for 2K19.

Muscle Buster

Samoa Joe’s traditional finishing move hasn’t been seen in WWE since an accident which ended Tyson Kidd’s career. Joe has won titles all over the world with this move, and it is a brutal one. It does huge head damage with some torso damage thrown in there for good measure.

Top Rope Brainbuster

The Top Rope Brainbuster was made famous by masked luchador El Generico on the Indies, who no longer wrestles, and no one uses it in WWE but it is a terrifying move in 2K19. It deals enormous head damage and looks simply spectacular. This is our favorite top rope finisher of the lot.

What’s your favorite top rope finisher in WWE 2K19? Let us know in the comments below!


Toby Durant