Wrestling Rumour Roundup: Ronda Rousey's move to WWE "imminent", another Impact talent requests to jump ship, NXT debut leaked

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Ronda Rousey's move to WWE is 'imminent'

Since Ronda Rousey attacked Stephanie McMahon with The Rock at WrestleMania, it has been a long-standing rumour in the WWE Universe that eventually, the MMA athlete will go to the WWE as a professional wrestler. 

This rumour will likely come to fruition, and sooner than we might think. As we know that Rousey is a huge WWE fan (hence her nickname "Rowdy Ronda Rousey", taken from Roddy Piper) - and the move for MMA fighters into Professional Wrestling has been becoming increasingly popular. 


According to two sources speaking to USA Today, Rousey is finalising details of her move to the WWE. The two well-placed sources are close to Ronda Rousey, have requested anonymity at least until the deal is complete. WWE have chosen not to respond to USA Today when approached for a statement, however.

How do you feel about Ronda Rousey shaking things up in the Women's Division?

Laurel Van Ness requests to leave Impact

Another one to add to the ever-growing list of Impact talents jumping ship! According to new source Squaredcirclesirens.com, Laurel Van Ness has requested her release from Impact Wrestling after the most recent set of television tapings. As it stands, the request has not been granted and Van Ness is still employed by the company. Van Ness won a match on the most recent episode of Impact Wrestling, qualifying for a match to crown a new Knockouts Champ. 

Van Ness was originally a WWE talent, appearing on the last season of WWE's talent finder competition "Tough Enough". On top of that, she is currently dating WWE's own Zack Ryder. Perhaps she will go back to her wrestling roots and appear in NXT in 2018? What do you think?

Identity of new debuting NXT star leaked

If you keep up to date with NXT, you may have seen a new vignette that is teasing the debut of a new talent. The person in question has been leaked by Sportskeeda and is apparently Shayna Baszler. 


The giveaway was a graphic saying "Soon" with the O's stylised as spades - and Baszler's nickname is the Queen of Spades (supposedly given to her by Josh Barnett due to her skillful card tricks).

As previously stated in the roundup, Ronda Rousey may join the WWE soon - and as we know, Baszler and Rousey are both from MMA backgrounds. They have often been referred to as part of the Four Horsewomen of the UFC. There have been rumours floating about the rumour mill saying that there may be a Four Horsewomen of MMA face off against the Four Horsewomen of the WWE. Would you like to see that?

Shane McMahon's potential heel turn

Since his return to the WWE, Shane McMahon has been a face in the business. It seems to be falling apart however, and it is speculated that soon he will go full heel. His current storyline against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn might lead to this. We have seen Shane dishing out punishments to the duo because of their actions, such as Zayn ignoring a ringside ban to help Owens beat Randy Orton. Shane McMahon then set up a match with Orton vs Sami whilst Kevin Owens was handcuffed to a turn buckle. Cageside Seats reports that the punishments will get harsher and harsher until it gets to where he breaks and goes full heel.

Do you think this is a likely turn of events?

Let us know your thoughts on all of today's hottest rumors in the comments below!

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