Top 5 WWE segments of 2017

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Nothing in professional wrestling compares to a memorable storytelling segment. From the birth of Austin 3:16 to This Is Your Life (The Rock) to CM Punk's industry reinvigorating pipe bomb promo; the WWE have presented their fair share of iconic moments of professional wrestling storytelling.

While not quite as iconic as those that I have just mentioned, 2017 did boast some terrific segments with storyline implications. From superstar confrontations to betrayals to straight-up comedy, the list is vast.

With this in mind, we here at RealSport have compiled our list of the top five best segments from WWE television in 2017.

Honorable mentions include Braun Strowman flipping an ambulance, Nikki Cross' "Ruby" promo, Velveteen Dream's "say my name" promo on Aleister Black, Samoa Joe choking out Paul Heyman, and the reunion of The Shield. All great moments, but not quite good enough for the top five.