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Reality of Wrestling: Episode 220 (Recap & Results)

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AQA vs Hyan

The show started with a diamond division match between current champion Hyan and the always improving AQA or Angela as she’s also known, with a victory for AQA making her the new number one contender to the Diamonds division championship. Hyan has been vocal in the past about Angela and other rookies coming into the promotion and getting chances without proving themselves. Hyan is the perfect cocky queen of the division, looking down on her challengers as if they are not worthy on being in her presence. 

Angela shows a lot of promise with her athleticism but still looks a little inexperienced at times. The finish was a good example of this as she mistimed a moonsault, hitting Hyan with her knees as she delivered the move. Angela picked up the win and becomes the number one contender.

Max Castellanos vs The Great Scott Smith

My first time seeing Smith, who had a patriotic American gimmick, waving flags and kissing babies. Castellanos on the other hand really impressed me in his match with Rex Andrews several weeks ago and he continued to show his ability here. He was more quicker and more powerful than his opponent and it didn’t take Castillano long to come out on top. Okay match that served it’s purpose well. Looking forward to seeing what Castillano offers in the future.

Devin Devine & Mik Drake vs Bryan Keith & Terrale Tempo

This match came about after a video package was shown from last week with Devine and Drake challenging Keith and Tempo after a bit of trash talk backstage. I’ve spoken a few times of my praise for Devine and the combination of him and Drake proves a very intriguing prospect. Both men deserve to be seen by more people and if that is as a tagteam then so be it. This match seemed to take a little while to get going but once Drake and Devine started to use their aggression on the much smaller Cruiserweight Cowboy things really began to pick up. I had one a little gripe about Tempo in that you could see him call his spots on several occasions. This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine and something that instantly takes me out of the match. Tempo is very good in the ring but this is something he needs to work on.

Otherwise this was a pretty enjoyable match that I’d be interested in seeing in a longer format. Devine and Drake came out victorious after a cutter from Devine helped his partner get the pin on Bryan Keith.


Contract Signing

The show ended with a contract singing in Booker T’s office between Rex Andrews and Gino. Booker spoke to both guys, reminding them of what they’ve achieved by getting this far. Andrews asked Booker why he’s been protecting Gino for so long when Rex had to travel around the world to prove himself. Booker admitted that he had been protecting Gino from day one but it wasn’t about protecting anybody anymore. He said at Summer of Champions it was about finding out who was the best man. They signed the contracts, and it was official, Rex Andrews will challenge Gino for the Reality of Wrestling championship at Summer of Champions.

Backstage Segments 

Van Harrison told Ashley Bull that at Summer of Champions the TV title is coming home with him

It was announced that after last weeks crazy main event involving Ayden Christiano and Mysterious Q that they will put an end to their long feud at Summer of Champion in a Lucha Extrema match. With the winner finally being crowned as the new Texas Champion.

Several video packages were shown of Rex Andrews and Gino, hyping up their contract signing later in the show. This included footage of Gino winning the ROW championship against Ayden Christiano.

Shawn Hendricks cut an eerie promo telling Clay Roberts that he accepts his challenge and that at Summer of Champions they will fight under his rules.

Quick Results

AQA def Hyan to become the number one contender for the Diamonds Division Championship


Max Castellanos def The Great Scott Smith

Devon Devine & Mik Drake def Bryan Keith & Terrale Tempo

Summer of Champions is available to watch live on Fite TV on the 12th August.

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