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06 Apr 2018

NXT: 5 superstars who could debut during WrestleMania weekend

(Photo credit: JJ Williams)

Four days of back to back WWE action hit New Orleans in just over 24 hours, and all eyes will be transfixed on NXT to see if anyone can decipher who will be in the next batch of call-ups to come through on this iconic weekend.

Last year we saw the likes of Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, and The Revival get the call-up and whilst their main roster stay may not have lived up to everyone’s expectation, it would be tough to argue that they weren’t moved up at the right time. 

It’s the most iconic weekend of the year for wrestling and being called up to the main roster immediately following WrestleMania can give a superstar the momentum boost needed to become a main event star on the main roster.

So, who could we see on this illustrious weekend?