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Mickie James: Why she must win at TLC

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Repairing her tainted legacy

Mickie James arrived on the scene at a point where the division's best workers namely Trish Stratus and Lita were at the twilight of their in-ring careers. That did not stop the skilled worker to fast track herself into six well earned reigns as WWE Women's Champion in a short period of time before "sexy" took over.

With a huge WrestleMania moment and a number of title reigns, James was relegated to laughingstock in a period where the entire division dominated by magazine and amateur cam models. Prior to her second stint with the WWE, fans would remember her for being called "Piggy James" by Layla and Michelle McCool rather than her classics with Trish Stratus and Lita.

James' second stint with the WWE definitely came at the right moment where women's wrestling has become a thing to watch the same way men's wrestling is. Though the feud with Alexa Bliss has brought James to a familiar territory of insults, the "age" jabs became just a small part of what promises to be a good match at TLC.

A win at TLC for Mickie James however does not only make her a historic 7-time Women's Champion but also cements her status as one of the division's all time greats. Besides, the first six title reigns deserve to be remembered in the first place right?

Transitional champion and unfinished business

The WWE Universe is aware about Asuka being signed to Monday Night Raw and her main roster debut happening at TLC. Though a feud with Alexa Bliss seems interesting, let us all remember that it was Asuka who welcomed Mickie James back to the WWE.


Though their feud happened back in NXT, this makes a solid case for a continuation of what was supposed to be unfinished business after their first encounter. Asuka, the NXT Women's Champion back then, defeated Mickie James in what was a closely contested match.

After the said match, James offered a handshake only to be turned down by The Empress of Tomorrow. There could only be two scenarios for this: one, Mickie James becomes a plainly transitional champion for Asuka, pretending the previous feud did not happen, or two, she and Asuka could go into a lengthy feud while they explore newer storylines for the other women in the division.

Either way, this would be a win-win situation as James would still get her seventh title reign regardless of how long she holds the belt. Plus, a feud with Asuka might just be one of the best storylines we would get leading up to next year.

Heel turn anyone?

Mickie James has been great as a heel during her initial stint with the WWE as we only got spurts of a babyface run. James has been revolutionizing the women's division way before it was cool as she tried to save it with decent performances during the division's dark days.

It wouldn't take long before those frustrations get the best of her on a storyline level even while holding the belt. A heel turn for James would depend on creative's plans for Asuka heading into the future. Besides, we could always use a villainous woman calling people "darling" or "sweetheart" right?

Do you think Mickie James needs to win at TLC? Let us know in the comments below!

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