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Enzo Amore: Will he work on 205 Live?

Although it was a move that had already been anticipated, it still came as a surprise when Eno Amore made his debut appearance on 205 Live. Two days after defeating Akira Tozawa at SummerSlam for the Cruiserweight Championship, Neville was interrupted by the familiar twangs of mandolins signaling Amore's arrival on what he quickly termed the "realest show in the room."

But was that the right call for Amore? He instantly became the best mic-man in the division, but he's also the weakest in-ring performer on the purple brand. Before making up your mind as to how sensible a decision it was (or wasn't), here are some factors you should consider. 

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Charisma and proficiency on the microphone

There is no doubt that Enzo Amore has a way with connecting with the WWE Universe, helped to no end by his ability to produce punchlines for days. However, as his programme with Big Cass dragged on, the crowd became a little quieter, the pops falling shorter. That's not to say that it's necessarily Enzo's fault - the feud well-outstayed its welcome - but there is a risk that fan engagement could fall off. Still, the flashy hairstyle and the unique and colorful outfits are what give Enzo his clear character. He still stands out like a peacock, and you still see Certified G t-shirts and Enzo wigs in the crowd at live shows.

It's too early to tell, however, if Enzo's flair and entertainment value will bring more eyes to the flagging viewership of 205 Live - especially when we consider his...

Limited in-ring ability

Talking has always been the bread and butter of Enzo Amore which is why, even when he was still with Big Cass, we were as likely to see him cutting promos and in backstage segments as we were in the ring. Even when it came to matches, Amore has famously been used mostly as a punching bag to set up the inevitable hot tag to Cass. To this point, we've barely seen Amore in singles competition, and those times when he has fought solo has hardly convinced many of his in-ring talents.


On a roster that is known primarily to be filled entirely with good workers, how good of a fit can Amore truly be? Last week's match against Noam Dar showed some signs of developing an in-ring style that best suits his character, a far cry from the human rag doll type of offense he had as a tag team specialist.

If that match against Dar was any indication of any improvement, it is now a question of whether or not it is way too early for him to be put in a potential title feud with cruiserweight champion Neville - something which being very strongly hinted at as Amore's future direction.

A plethora of other options

Aside from a career as a singles competitor, there is also the intrigue of Enzo Amore turning into a plain mouthpiece for a particular talent who is in need of one which would automatically make him a manager, and it is only a matter of whether to book him as a heel or a babyface. A pairing with a luchador may prove to be a hilarious tandem if ever while forming a team with a less charismatic but character-filled TJP might prove to make wonders as a heel tandem.

Also right now, a spot on 205 Live's announcer's table is still open given the WWE's shift to a three-man commentary team on each of their major shows (NXT included). It would be interesting to see a talker as flamboyant as Enzo Amore sit on color commentary opposite Nigel McGuinness while Vic Joseph handles play-by-play. 

So is 205 Live the right place for Enzo Amore?

If you come to think of it, there are not many options for Enzo Amore on the mid card level, more so in the upper divisions. He does not have the look, or a convincing one rather that speak world or mid card title runs.

In a company like the WWE puts more emphasis on convincing storytelling, Enzo already has a clear character. This is why it is easy to insert him on any of the two major storylines 205 Live has on their weekly episodes. Concerning in-ring ability, he might just get there shall the rest of the locker room be willing to carry him in his matches for the time being.

Is 205 Live the right fit for Enzo Amore? Yes and no, depending on how the future plays out. The array of options for Enzo is quite wider in the land of the Cruiserweights than it is on any other show.


Also, if he continues to develop his wrestling skills even in a passive way, it's hard not to see why Enzo Amore would not be one of the gems for the Cruiserweight Division shall his in-ring ability keep up to par with his mic work.

The only reason Enzo might not succeed below 206 lbs is if he continues to generate backstage heat or if ratings become too impossible to salvage which would cause 205 Live to eventually fold.

Do you think Enzo Amore is a perfect fit in the Cruiserweight Division? Can he be the savior for 205 Live? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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