New WoW Expansion Reveal COUNTDOWN: Is Dragonflight coming next?

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The next step in the massive World of Warcraft franchise will soon be unveiled as Blizzard reveals the next WoW expansion, 10.0.

Like always there have been plenty of supposed leaks that all point in different directions for what WoW's next expansion will include.

So before the next WoW expansion is officially revealed, here's when the show will be, how to watch it, and all the latest news about what's coming in WoW 10.0. Keep in mind that, thanks to leaks, there are some potential spoilers ahead!



The massive new WoW expansion reveal has come, and we've learned plenty about the next step for retail - WoW Dragonflight!

WoW Dragonflight will introduce a new race, new class, new zones, new mechanics, and plenty more.

You can read over everything we know about WoW Dragonflight so far here.

New WoW Expansion Reveal Time & How to Watch

The next World of Warcraft expansion will be revealed on Tuesday, April 19th, at 12pm EST in a massive livestream event across Twitch and YouTube.

WoW 10.0 Reveal Time


You can catch the show right when it airs on both platforms below!

Dragonflight Leaks May Reveal Next Expansion


There are plenty of leaks around for what the next expansion will be with WoW 10.0 - but by far the most prominent and well-backed among the leaks is that it will be WoW Dragonflight.

The WoW Dragonflight leaks have the most backing due to some new web certification findings revealed earlier this month - including the URL, "" being registered very recently.

This finding only adds to previous datamining from Wowhead and plenty of rumors before it to spell out the most credible leaks for what WoW 10.0 will become that we've seen yet.

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With that, we expect Blizzard will reveal the next expansion (WoW 10.0) to be called WoW Dragonflight.

Among the many rumors about how this expansion would play out in-game, some suggest that players will be able to choose between Dragonflights much like the Covenant system of Shadowlands, but only time will tell if this ends up true.

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