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How to get the Seed of Renewed Souls Soulshape Toy in World of Warcraft

WoW Soulshape

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' Borrowed Power were Covenants that provided players with significant amounts of power as well as unique spells. One of these was the Night Fae, whose Soulshape spell quickly became iconic.

Each Covenant gave two abilities: a throughput spell and a utility spell. The former would be dependent on the class' specialization. When it came to the utility spell, there were all unique. Venthyr got a point-and-click teleport, Kyrian had potions that would heal and cleanse, and Necrolord had a absorb shield. All of them were useful in their own right. However, when it came to the Night Fae's utility spell, it sat well above the rest.

Seeing as it was so popular for the duration of Shadowlands, the developers over at Blizzard Entertainment have made it available as a toy, the Seed of Renewed Souls, so players can use it even after Covenants become obsolete.

Here's how to get the Seed of Renewed Souls Soulshape Toy in World of Warcraft.

How to get the Seed of Renewed Souls Soulshape Toy in World of Warcraft

Getting the Seed of Renewed Souls toy is simple, just complete the "Shapes Beyond the Veil" quest provided by Lady Muunn in the Heart of the Forest in Ardenweald.

All players need to have is Renown 80 with the Night Fae and a certain number of Soulshapes. Specific information on how many Soulshapes are required is still unknown, however, there have been reports of players stating that the quest has appeared upon learning a new Soulshape.

Seed of Renewed Souls Soulshape Toy
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
FOREVER ALWAYS: Bring some of Shadowlands with you with the Seed of Renewed Souls Soulshape Toy

The Seed of Renewed Souls, much like the Shapeshifting ability, allows players to transform into their Soulshape of choice. The Soulshape can be changed by going to Lady Muun or alternatively Choofa if they want to become a Crittershape instead.

Night Fae had a shapeshifting ability that would teleport players forward, ala Mage Blink, that would shift them into a spectral animal also giving them a movement speed buff in the process. The Seed of Renewed Souls toy is purely a cosmetic effect, it doesn't have the increased movement speed or the ability to "Flicker" which was what had players blink in the first place.

Like other toys, entering combat will drop the effect. It has a 10-minute duration and a 5-minute cooldown. Players whose classes never learned the Night Fae Covenant can still use the toy if one of their other classes got it done in the first place.

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