FNS Destroys "False Gods" in VCT 2022 Masters Stage 2 Copenhagen Official Trailer

Riot Games released an official trailer for their Stage 2 Copenhagen Valorant Champions Tour event.

The Stage 2 event will take place in Copenhagen this year from mid to the end of July. Valorant fans are already gearing up for what is a tense series which will crown the winner on July 24.

The semi-finals and finals will be the first of the event to be held in front of a live audience due to Covid-19.

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Valorant Champion Tour official trailer

Riot released the VCT official trailer yesterday. Additionally, they announced the dates for the event from July 10 to July 24. This will end with one team being crowned the winners.

Riot's official cinematic for the event is titled False Gods [True Idols]. It showed five shadowy players walking toward a Valorant-themed Mount Rushmore. However, they then proceed to destroy the monument and replace it with their own faces.

The conclusion of the video shows a new team of players coming to destroy the newly made monument. A brilliant way to show the cycle of fame in the esports industry, but especially Valorant.

Who is in it?

The first team shown in the cinematic looks familiar to those who watch Valorant. OpTic is the team being represented, the other team approaching represents the other 11 teams who are trying to take the VCT title from them.

The shadowy leader of the first group depicts Pujan "FNS" Mehta who is the leader of OpTic gaming.

When does VCT Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen happen?

The Valorant event will start on July 10 until July 24. Fans can watch the event live on their official Twitch and Youtube channels

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