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Valorant Omen Guide in 2023: Abilities, Playstyle, and More

Valorant Omen

Omen is one of the best controllers in Valorant. Not only is his aura terrifying and spooky but his skills and abilities are among the best in the game. They make him a very valuable agent, that fits in most team compositions.

The 'Shadow Hunter' has a mysterious backstory to match his mysterious demeanour. The mystery continues with his ability to manipulate space and time. He is a controller, but he can do much more than just smoke important angles, and block the enemy's vision.

So, let's have a look at some tips and tricks to master this shadow hunter. One of the best Valorant agents right now.


Omen's abilities may seem simple when viewed from a surface level. However, the agent has a high skill level and players will need some significant time to master him. He can block the enemies' vision, blind them, and even teleport.

Dark Cover is the name of Omen's signature ability. It allows him to equip and throw a shadow sphere anywhere on the map. This shadow sphere blocks the enemy's vision for 15 seconds and has a cooldown of 30 seconds. It's Omen's smoking ability.

Paranoia is the ability that differentiates Omen from all the other controllers. Omen equips a blind orb and uses the fire button to throw it forward. If any of the opponents are hit by it, they will be blinded and deafened for 2 seconds.

Valorant Omen Paranoia
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Shrouded Step is arguably Omen's most unique ability. With this ability, Omen can teleport to a location within a 15 meters range. This ability has two charges and can be used in a plethora of ways. When well utilized, it can catch opponents off guard, and guarantee an easy kill.

Omen's ultimate ability is called From The Shadows and is also a teleport skill, similar to Shrouded Step. However, Shrouded Step has a limited range of 15 meters. On the other hand, From The Shadows can be used to teleport Omen anywhere on the map, with no range limitation.

As you can see, he has a very unique kit, especially when compared with other Valorant controllers. So, let's find out how you can utilize his abilities to their full potential.

Omen Playstyle

Omen is a controller. So, his main role is to help his team take control of an area, by blocking the enemy's vision. By doing this, he will facilitate his teammate's entry into the bombsite.

Since his teammates will have to check fewer angles, it makes it easier for them to take full control of the bombsite. It also helps them establish good post-plant positions and crossfires. So, make sure you are always smoking off dangerous angles, and asking your teammates where they want the smokes.

The fact Omen's smokes are rechargeable makes him even more useful. While Brimstone can only use three smokes per round. Omen can just wait for his smokes to come back and utilize them in a different area of the map.

Valorant Omen Smoke
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This also gives you many more options in the mid and late-round stages. You are still able to block your enemies' vision in the later stages of the round. This allows your team to take control of bombsites in an easier and safer way.

As mentioned above, Omen's Paranoia is what makes him different from your typical controller agent. With this ability, Omen can set up his teammates to enter the bombsite, by blinding and deafening his opponents. Omen teammates will catch opponents disorientated, securing some easy kills, and taking full control of that area of the map.

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Credit: Polygon

Shrouded Step is a great ability, which can be used to get the jump on a site and surprise enemies in a fight. So, use it when opponents are blinded and deafened by Omen's Paranoia, to teleport behind them. This will get you some free kills and secure important space for your team. It can also be used as a great escape tool if timed correctly.

When it comes to Omen Ultimate, you can use it in many different ways. To teleport behind enemy lines and wreak havoc. Gain free information on where the attackers or defenders are. To pick up the spike if it's dropped. Among many others.

Omen is a unique agent, that falls under the controller umbrella but is also somewhat of an initiator. His abilities can change the tide of a round, and he is a very entertaining agent to play. If you have never played with Omen, make sure to try him out in your next Valorant match.

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