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Valorant Mobile - Release Dates, Beta, Leaks, Updates, More

Riot Games has been developing Valorant mobile for quite some time now. However, we still don't have that much information about the game.

Valorant is stepping into the limelight of popular mobile games such as Apex Legends or PUBG. Riot Games has been hiring plenty of experienced mobile developers, that will hopefully help them deliver a great game. According to reports, the game is expected to be released in 2024.

Some images and more information about the game have also been leaked. So, let's take a look at it.

Valorant Mobile Internal Testing

According to Anna Donlon, the leader of the Valorant developers' team, Valorant Mobile has begun internal testing. The game has been in testing for quite some time and has already been tried on multiple devices.

Valorant mobile testing
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Donlon said the current prototype of Valorant Mobile is already running, but that there is still more work to be done. The Valoran developer also said the main focus is to ensure Valorant Mobile provides players with a great gaming experience.

Because of that, Valorant Mobile will not be rushed, instead, it will take its time to present the best game possible.

Valorant Mobile leaked photos and videos

There have been several images circulating the internet which show images from Valorant mobile. There has even been a leaked video of gameplay from DANNYINTEL on Youtube, but the validity of this has been questioned.

Valorant mobile character selection screen
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This screenshot shows the loading screen, which has been taken from China's port. The usual suspects can be seen as they wait for their mobile game to begin. As this game is still speculated to be in open beta, it looks a little unfinished.

In the PBE patch 6.06, plenty of new Valorant Mobile icons were added. Other files from the game were also added, and we got a chance to see Valorant Mobile's layout.

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Credit: Valorant Mobile Inte
Valorant Mobile UI.

Valorant Mobile release date

As mentioned above, Valorant Mobile is expected to release in 2024. Riot Games has been hiring plenty of developers, game designers, and other positions to work on the game. So, it's clear the company has Valorant Mobile as one of its priorities.

Private play tests have also been run, with most of them taking place in China. With the developers continuing to work extremely hard on the game, we can expect an open Beta to be available in the near future.

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Riot Games has been hiring plenty of people to work in Valorant Mobile.

With Riot Games winning the lawsuit against Hyper Front, called by many the Valorant clone, the release of Valorant Mobile can be closer than ever. This might mean Riot Games is preparing to officially launch the game in the near future, which is great news for fans.

But until then, all we can do Until then, all we can do is just wait, and is just wait.

Official Riot comments

Riot Games Anna Donlan has shared that the app is currently under development. Meaning this is the first piece of official news we have about the app. Other Riot sources have also stated that the game will be coming out in 2024.

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