Podcast: Can Portugal topple Spain at the top of Group B?

Join the RealSport football writers as they discuss all things Group B in the run-up to the World Cup.

In the third of RealSport’s World Cup podcasts, Football Editor Jon Mackenzie is joined by three other Kremlins in the Basement of RealSport HQ: Alastair Pusinelli, Oli Stein and Etienne Fermie.

Through the course of their discussion, they look at the Group A of the World Cup and discuss:

Morocco (1:52)

Iran (4:50)

Portugal (8:17)

Ronaldo/Messi – who will have the better World Cup? (15:48)

Spain (17:00)

Could Spain get past France or Argentina? (23:50)

Predictions for the group (25:24)

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