Is UFC 4 on Xbox Series X? Details, Backwards Compatibility, Smart Delivery, and more

UFC 4 is hitting the ground running, but the big question is will it be coming to Xbox Series X?

Here's what we know so far.

Is UFC 4 on Xbox Series X?

There has been no official announcement that UFC 4 will have its own release on Xbox Series X, and it looks unlikely at this point.

However the game will be playable via backwards compatibility!

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Backwards Compatibility

This sometimes confusing feature of the Xbox Series X essentially means that the next-gen console is compatible with older-gen technology.

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BOB AND WEAVE: Move between console generations with ease thanks to backwards compatibility

If we're talking about the game, in this case, that means that if you purchased an Xbox One disc, you'd be able to play that disc on the Xbox Series X.

So, in theory, you shouldn't be concerned if it doesn't come out for Xbox Series X. But what about downloads?

Smart Delivery

The good news is that there is another next-gen feature which will allow you to play the game on Xbox Series X.

Smart Delivery allows for people to purchase and download the game once, and have it for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X, if they were to upgrade to next-gen.

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STAY DOWN(LOADED): Once you've got the game, you won't need to get it again

It prevents people from buying the game twice, which is great! Again, it looks like UFC 4 players will be in luck even if they download from Xbox One, then move to next-gen later on.

Could there be a separate release for UFC 4 for Xbox Series X?

It's a good question, and something that we've seen developers like 2K do for upcoming titles, such as NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K21 will be released for both current-gen and next-gen, with the latter being more expensive.

Releasing separately for Xbox Series X could allow for various gameplay enhancements, such as better graphics, FPS and more.

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There's no initial indication that EA is planning on releasing UFC 4 for Xbox Series X. We may hear something in the future though!

What could UFC 4 look like on Xbox Series X?

We've seen some pretty amazing footage from Xbox Series X, however, we haven't seen any Xbox One games in action on the console itself.

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HOLD ON TIGHT: The game is set to drop soon, and it looks amazing!

We can speculate that a key difference could be improved loading times and a more 'stable' game performance. That being said, without seeing it, we can't confirm this for sure yet.

From what we've seen in the gameplay trailer, regardless of the console we can look forward to a very polished UFC game.

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