Zenless Zone Zero: Release Date, Beta Registration & Latest News

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Zenseless Zone Zero characters

Zenless Zero Zone is a brand-new game from Hoyoverse, the company that brought to us Genshin Impact. Set in a post-apocalyptic metropolitan city. It features an engaging story with a futuristic art design and hectic action sequences.

The story takes place in the near future, where mysterious natural disasters known as Hollows have occurred. From the disaster, New Eridu emerged, a city where inhabitants learned to master the technology to coexist with the Hollows.

Here is everything we know about ZZZ, the new ARPG from Hoyoverse.


Release Date and Closed Beta

Zenless Zero Zone is expected to arrive later this year, although we don't have an official release date. Nonetheless, applications for Testing Tune Version are currently open.

Players interested in joining this Closed Beta need an active Hoyoverse Account and fill a questionnaire. More details here

Zenless Zone Zero Characters


Players in the game take the role of a Proxy, a special professional who works like a tour guide for people interested in the Hollows.

Hollows are Natural disasters with destructive properties, but also is a Warp Zone in which Proxy can have dual identities. One for their life outside and the other for their life in the Hollows.


Proxies work in teams known as Odd-Job Agencies. So far we know the identity of the Gentle House aka the Cunning Hares, which members are:

  • The sisters Demara
    • Anby (White Hair)
    • Nicole (Pink Hair)
  • Billy Kid
Gentle House in Zenless Zone Zero
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The Gentle House the first Odd-Job agency we know in Zenless Zone Zero

Similar to Genshin Impact, it seems the story will be told from the perspective of two main characters.

ZZZ Main Characters
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Zenless Zone Zero seems to feature two main characters and a little companion.

We don't know yet their identity, but we can see them during several scenes in the trailer and marketing campaigns.

Of course, these main characters will have a companion, a creature that looks like a Robotic Bunny wearing a scarf with the number 01.

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