Ronaky, "Our dream is to make this a long term thing"

Photo Credit: (DreamHack)

Hello Aldin! Congrats on making your first Worlds final! How excited are you to play in the Prudential Center? 

Thank you very much! I am beyond excited to play at my first RLCS LAN, since I have been a viewer from the start. Being here as a player, I would never have thought would happen. Dream come true.


You are the third seed in your group, but you are no means out of the playoff picture in Group D. What is the road for success for Triple Trouble to make playoffs? 

Our focus is to just play our own game and don’t let the environment affect us in a negative way, and hopefully we make it out of groups. That is the main goal.

While you have not played in prior Worlds finals, you have surely watched them. How do you feel about the format switch and do you feel this is for the betterment of the biggest LAN in Rocket League? 

In my opinion, I don’t like the three team groups but everything else is fine. I liked the double elimination bracket more, but we will see how this format turns out.

Unfortunately, Red Reserve collapsed earlier this year forcing the team to rebrand to Triple Trouble. You do not seem to have found much success in finding a new home like say FC Barcelona. Have you had trouble finding the right org or is the market for RLCS EU spots not as great as one might imagine? 

Uncertainties and offers that we believe are far below the average for RLCS teams are the main reasons we have decided to stay as Triple Trouble. Our dream is to make this a long term thing, so we want to join an organisation that shares our beliefs going forward. We could have chased money, but we decided that short term gain was not worth it in the long term, but it has left us in situations like not being able to attend Dreamhack Dallas.

Looking back on the season, what was the most pivotal moment for Triple Trouble and how do you plan on improving next season? 


The pivotal moment of Triple Trouble was definitely week 4 of RLCS league play, where we beat Vitality and Dignitas. It was the biggest turning point of our careers, and the main reason why we made it to Worlds. We showed we can beat the best teams in Europe, and that we are striving to be even better.

Thank you so much for doing this on short notice! Do you have anything you want to say to your fans cheering you on? 

We really appreciate all of our supporters, and we do believe they were a big part of why we are here. I want to say a special thanks to my close friends and family. We definitely have the best supporters out of any other RLCS teams. Thank you.