Secretlab PlushCell Memory Foam Armrest Review: Luxurious Comfort

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Secretlab's PlushCell Memory Foam Armrests bring a new level of customisation and comfort to your gaming chair experience.

It's no secret that my favourite chair is the Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 chair, released this year. With a sleek design and brilliant comfort, the armrests follow suit and slot in perfectly with the Secretlab motto of brilliance.

So, let's take a look at my experience with the armrests and how they differ.


The design of these armrests is a brilliant addition to my already beautiful Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 gaming chair. With ultrasoft memory foam underneath a velour fabric finish. The rests really look like a quality addition to my Secretlab chair.

Secretlab PlushCell Memory Foam Armrests
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Although the velour does not match the texture of the rest of my chair, I don't mind this. The colour being the same is the only part of the design I'm interested in. And having the soft velour really adds luxury to the product.

There are also three colours, pink, silver, and black, which link directly to the Secretlab Titan EVO chair. This is particularly satisfying for someone like me who loves matching things.

PlushCell Memory Foam Comfort

I immediately noticed a difference when slotting on my new armrests. The armrests before were still good. However, they lacked the comfort and style that the PlushCell Memory Foam Armrests possess.

Secretlab PlushCell Memory Foam Armrest
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The softness of the memory foam isn't so strong that I feel unsupported. But it is a perfect mix of comfort and support to help me with my work. The high-density support plate also helps with this too.



At first, I did not think that these would be too important for my new chair. However, first feeling them made so much sense as to why I would need them for every day.

The pricing comes in at £67 GBP. This may seem a little expensive but the difference in support with my writing is night and day. I would even go so far as to say that every Secretlab fan should own this accessory to improve their quality of life.

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