GT Omega ZEPHYR Series Chair Review - Comfort Personified

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GT Omega ZEPHYR Series

GT Omega is an established name when it comes to gaming chairs, with their high-quality products and - compared to some - reasonable price tag making comfort accessible for all.

The new ZEPHYR Series chair is part of a range of new products released by GT Omega, bringing absolute comfort to work and play.

But what makes this chair so special? Well we got hold of one to review, so let's get into it.

GT Omega ZEPHYR Series

Described as a 'modern update on the classic gaming chair design', this new offering in the gaming chair sphere is premium comfort personified.

GT Omega ZEPHYR Chair
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CHOOSE YOUR STYLE - You can select a number of different colourways for your chair

With a slick design and a generous area of comfort, the ZEPHYR series is emboldened by a range of colourways and a super soft fabric that offers plenty of luxury.

Designed for everyday use, the ZEPHYR is perfect for work or play, with the range of supportive features making this the ultimate base of comfort.

Slick Design

The ZEPHYR isn't just a comfortable place for which to set yourself for a few hours of work or play, it's also a stylish piece that doesn't stand out like a sore thumb.

Whereas some chairs intrude with their garish design, this offering from GT Omega has the benefit of a durable, yet stylish fabric that will receive approval from all.

The range of colours offered also allows you to add a custom touch to your chair, with the slick design perfectly matching each tone on offer.

Customisable Comfort

It's not only the colour that you can match to your every need, but also the different range of supportive functions designed within the chair.

From full height control to the adjustable 4D armrests, this chair can be fully customised to become the ultimate comfort hub for your body.

GT Omega ZEPHYR Series
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SUITING YOUR STYLE - A number of adjustable features offer true customisable comfort

The Memory Foam Lumbar support cushion can also be placed wherever you like and the addition of raised memory foam in the head and crotch areas creates ultimate comfort in all areas.

The multi-functional title locking mechanism also offers full control on the rocking system designed within the chair, offering just the right amount of give.


Solid Steel Construction

You may think with all this Memory Foam and soft fabric that the ZEPHYR chair lacks rigidity, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Its hefty weight and solid steel frame make this chair a sturdy base on which to set yourself, with the chair itself offering the perfect balance of durability and comfort.

One thing to note is that this chair is also very easy to assemble.

All tools are provided and the instructions are super simple to follow; you'll soon be perched on your throne of comfort in no time.

Accompanying Delights

It's not just the chair that provides the comfort, but the other range of features included by GT Omega really do help to create ultimate comfort and ergonomic support.

The five-star aluminium base is both strong and stable, with the material used designed to never rust or corrode.

GT Omega ZEPHYR Series
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MODERN TAKE - The slick design fits perfectly in your gaming/working space

If you're a spiller then you don't need to worry about ruining your chair, with the fabric resistant to water and oils.

One of our favourite features is the twin-wheel caster wheels that are used with the chair, offering an effortless range of movements, with the wheels designed for years of regular use.

From the top to the bottom, this is a chair designed with comfort at the heart of every feature.



It's always surprising just how much of a difference a good chair can make to your working and gaming environment, and the ZEPHYR series from GT Omega is easily one of the best on the market.

Premium comfort at a reasonable price, this chair is both supportive and durable, with every feature designed with comfort in mind.

Customizable colours are the cherry on the cake when it comes to this chair, with the range of adjustable features truly making this a seat truly tailored to your every need.

The ZEPHYR Series from GT Omega offers the perfect balance of style, comfort and ease, with this chair surpassing expectations and becoming a true hidden gem on the market.

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