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Resident Evil 8 file size confirms moderate download

Resident Evil 8 is almost here and we're wondering what kind of file size we should be expecting.

As we approach release, Redditor u/AidThisFellowUser spotted the Resident Evil 8 file size on the recently-updated Microsoft Store listing for the title.

Below, we have all the information you'd need.

Console File Size

If we look at the Microsoft Store listing for the new release on Xbox consoles, we learn that the file size for Resident Evil 8 is around 50 GB in total. 50.2 GB to be exact.

This is divided between Village and Re: Verse, though. So, Resident Evil 8 itself is only 35GB big while Re: Verse is around 15GB.

Resident Evil 8 size Smiling Vampire
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SPOOKY - Resident Evil 8 promises to be as scary as 7, if not more!

If we look at industry trends, then the PS4 and PS5 Resident Evil 8 file size should be about the same.


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For context, Resident Evil 7 is just under 26 GB on PS4. So, this isn't too much of an increase when you consider things.

What about PC?

Sadly, though, we still don't have much information regarding the PC file size of Resident Evil 8 and Re: Verse.

That being said, it all depends on the specs the game will need and how well-optimised it is.

Resident Evil 8 size Chris Redfield
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CHRIS?! - Redfield has seen better days in Village, but what is he up to?

The best place to keep an eye on PC file size information for Resident Evil 8 would be the official Steam listing here.

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Resident Evil Village is scheduled to launch May 7th, 2021, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam.

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