Best watches under 1500: Our top picks for every occasion

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If you're looking for some of the best watches under 1500 dollars or pounds, you're in the right place.

Taking into account their designs, reviews, and any unique features that make these timepieces stand out, we've compiled our top picks for every occasion to give your outfits that finishing touch to make them complete.

While our list of the best watches under 500 focused on some of our favourite, but relatively inexpensive options, we're taking things up a notch with these slightly more premium timepieces to suit every occasion and style.


That said, we've also taken price into account to some degree as we've only selected watches which we feel can live up to their slightly more premium price tags.

So from one of the best from Garmin in this tactix Delta, to more traditional options, like this TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 7, we've made sure to cover all bases with our list.

We've also answered some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding watches to help you decide on the right device for you and your needs. So, without further delay, let's dive in...

Best Watches Under 1500


Best Men's Watch Under 1500 - TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 7

Best watches under 1500 TAG Heuer product image of a steel watch with a blue and red bezel.
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Credit: TAG Heuer
Brand: TAG Heuer | Size: 43 x 21.50 x 12.80mm | Material: Steel | Band: Steel | Water Resistance: 300M

TAG Heuer's GMT-powered Aquaracer Calibre 7 looks to be one of the most well-rounded men's watches around under the 1500 price tag.


Made from steel, it features a two-colour GMT function bezel that offers you additional time zones as well as a design that should really stand out on your wrist.

Moreover, the distinctive dials feature special luminescence markers on the hands and indexes that are designed to make reading a little easier in dim light or whilst you're underwater as you capatilise on the 300M water resistance rating.

On the whole, we feel you won't find many men's watches under 1500 that can do both smart and casual better than this TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 7.

Best Women's Watch Under 1500 - Gucci G-Timeless

Best watches under 1500 Gucci product image of a golden watch with a red and green band, with a golden bee in the centre.
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Credit: Gucci
Brand: Gucci | Size: 38mm | Material: Yellow Gold PVD | Band: Nylon | Water Resistance: 50M

If you're looking for a stylish women's device though, then this Gucci G-Timeless wristwatch could be the timepiece for you.


Dressed in the instantly recognisable Gucci green and red, the centre of the dial features a golden bee which has been the historical symbol of the brand since the '70s.

The watch also features a quartz movement system along with a resistance to water up to 50M, allowing you to submerge it in the sea, pool, or even just in the shower without having to worry about breaking it.

Ultimately, this Gucci G-Timeless women's watch looks to be an excellent choice if you're after a slightly more premium timepiece.

Best Formal Watch Under 1500 - Tissot PR100

Best watches under 1500 Tissot product image of a stainless steel watch with a navy blue face.
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Credit: Tissot
Brand: Tissot | Size: 38 x 9mm | Material: Stainless Steel | Band: Stainless Steel | Water Resistance: 100M

Much like TAG Heuer, Tissot is one of the most recognisable manufacturers of formal wristwatches around, and this PR100 from the T-Classic collection looks to be a great example of the brand's expertise.


The casing is made from stylish stainless steel, whilst the dial comes dressed in a much darker navy blue that's both striking and a complete contrast to the silver exterior.

Other notable features include its Swiss quartz movement, sapphire glass, and its impressive 100M water resistance rating that gives some of the best swimming watches around a run for their money.

All in all, the Tissot PR100 stands out to us as one of the best watches suitable for formal occasions, hence its inclusion on our list.

Best Smart Watch Under 1500 - Garmin tactix Delta Solar Edition

Best watches under 1500 Garmin product image of a black smartwatch with an orange solar reading on the display.
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Credit: Garmin
Brand: Garmin | Size: 51 x 51 x 14.9mm | Material: Fibre-reinforced Polymer | Band: Nylon and Silicone | Water Resistance: 100M

When it comes to some of the best running watches or everyday fitness bands, Garmin is often considered one of the best.


This particular Garmin tactix Delta Solar Edition is one of the brand's more premium smartwatches, but you get a ton of incredible features for the price tag.

For instance, it comes with preloaded TOPO maps, ski maps of over 200 resorts worldwide, plus multi-GNSS support and advanced navigation sensors for the most accurate GPS location possible.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature though is its solar charging lens that uses sunlight to extend the power of the battery life by weeks.

The Garmin tactix Delta also comes with the usual fitness tracking metrics including a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen sensor, and advanced sleep tracking tools, thus making it a top all-rounder.

Best Everyday Watch Under 1500 - Oris Divers Sixty-Five

Best watches under 1500 Oris product image of a silver watch with a black bezel and a green and black band.
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Credit: Oris
Brand: Oris | Size: 42 x 21mm | Material: Stainless Steel | Band:
NATO Textile | Water Resistance: 100M

The Oris Divers Sixty-Five looks to be a great pick to wear daily thanks to its stainless steel construction and its NATO textile band that should be incredibly durable and comfortable to wear to any event.


This particular option arrives in dark green and black; however, there are alternative colours available to suit your own personal style.

The timepiece also comes with a sapphire domed glass casing with an anti-reflective coating designed to make telling the time that bit easier in bright sunlight.

Like some of the best Casio watches, this Oris Divers Sixty-Five looks to be an elegant option to consider for everyday wear with its stylish textile and steel design.

Frequently Asked Questions About Watches

Finding the right watch can lead to a lot of questions. Don't worry though because we've answered some of the most commonly asked queries right here.

What Should You Look For In A Watch?

This depends on what kind of watch you're after. Therefore, the first question you should perhaps ask yourself is whether you're looking for something digital, analogue, or even a smart device.


You'll then want to consider the style. Generally speaking, watches can be categorised into areas like luxury, sport, casual, and vintage, with each type serving a particular purpose for a specific occasion.

Furthermore, we'd recommend exploring some of the features of each watch to see if the watch in question would suit your needs. For example, if you're into your fitness, then it may be in your best interest to pick up a smart sports watch with dedicated workouts preloaded, for example.

Finally, it's worth taking into account the size, weight, and material of your watch as you'll want to find something that'll be comfortable to wear on your wrist, particularly if you're looking for a timepiece to wear every day. Generally speaking, stainless steel or titanium watches are considered better than regular steel.

How Much Should You Spend On A Watch?

There's no concrete rule on how much you should spend on a watch as it really comes down to personal preference and your available budget.

We wouldn't necessarily recommend investing too heavily in a watch if you're not completely sure about your passion for timepieces.

However, if you are confident that you're a fan of watches, then spending a little extra to pick up something you're in love with can be okay, as long as you can afford it.

The key here though is you should love the watch you plan on purchasing, especially if you're spending a considerable amount of money on it, so make sure you opt for something that you're excited to wear and suits the occasion you plan on wearing it to.


How Often Should You Get A Watch Serviced?

According to Bucherer, you may find you have to have a mechanical or electronic watch serviced every four to six years to ensure that it continues to display the time and date accurately.

However, watches worn infrequently may not require servicing as often.

If you begin to notice the oil and grease around the intricate mechanisms dry or run out, then it may be time to get your watch serviced.

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