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Best Power Cage 2023

A black four-sided power cage with someone in a blue shirt and grey shorts performing a decline bench press.
Credit: Body-Solid

When searching for the best power cage, various factors come into play, such as your budget and desired features. To simplify your search, we've put together a list of exceptional weightlifting racks, considering the price, user reviews, and unique attributes that set these cages apart.

For those unfamiliar with the power cage, it is up there as one of the best pieces of home gym equipment you can buy. Typically, they consist of four metal posts connected by a horizontal frame, serving as a crucial safety component when training alone. However, there are also more compact and budget-friendly half-cages available, which often double as some of the best squat racks on the market since they offer up almost all the benefits of a full cage, only without the four pillars taking up space.

In this guide, we've decided to include both variations. From the versatile Fitness Reality Super Max 810 XLT full cage to the CAP Barbell FM-8000F half rack, our list has both bases covered. So, if your home gym is in need of a bit of an upgrade, read on to discover some of the best power cages that can take your weightlifting sessions to the next level.

Best power cage

  1. Fitness Reality Super Max 810 XLT
  2. HulkFit Pro Series Power Cage
  3. CAP Barbell FM-8000F
  4. Body-Solid GPR400
  5. Mikolo Multi-Function Power Cage
Fitness Reality Super Max 810 XLT product image of solid steel full cage with a lat pulldown machine.
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Credit: Fitness Reality

1. Fitness Reality Super Max 810 XLT

Best full power cage

Dimensions: Unspecified
Max Capacity: 800lbs

When it comes to finding a well-rounded power cage for your home gym, you'll no doubt be looking for something durable and strong whilst also being relatively inexpensive.

Thankfully, this Fitness Reality squat rack appears to tick all of those boxes due to being made from solid steel that has been ASTM tested to give it a max capacity of 800 lbs.

When you're not squatting or benching, it also comes with a multi-grip pull-up bar across the top so you can complete wide grip, narrow grip, and hammer grip pull-ups all from one bit of kit.

On the whole, we feel this power cage could seriously upgrade any home gym which is why, we think, it's a great option to consider.

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HulkFit Multi-Function Power Cage product image of yellow-framed power cage with black details.
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Credit: HulkFit

2. HulkFit Pro Series Power Cage

Best budget power cage

Dimensions: 47" x 44" x 81"
Max Capacity: 1000lbs

This HulkFit cage looks to prove you don't have to break the bank to pick up a high-quality power rack for your home gym setup.

It comes with a hugely impressive 1000lbs capacity, so should suit both beginners looking to progress and experienced gym-goers looking to lift heavy.

If you are looking to load up the plates on your barbell, then the additional safety straps should provide some peace of mind as they can essentially act as a spotter if you're going for new personal bests.

It's also worth noting that you get a pull-up bar across the top plus additional drip bars in case you want to vary your workouts, which is another reason why we think this cage is well worth considering.

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CAP Barbell FM-8000F product image of green-framed half-cage.
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Credit: CAP Barbell

3. CAP Barbell FM-8000F

Best half power cage

Dimensions: 46" x 50" x 85"
Max Capacity: 500lbs

The CAP Barbell FM-8000F stands out as an excellent choice for your home weightlifting setup.

One of the key features of this rack is its exceptional strength, achieved through the use of 12 and 14-gauge steel. This sturdy construction ensures durability and gives it a solid foundation to hold some serious weight. Additionally, CAP has taken care to provide a durable powder coat and industrial zinc finish for the half-cage, making it virtually maintenance-free.

Moreover, the inclusion of a top rail that doubles as a pull-up bar adds to the versatility of this cage, making it an ideal option for those seeking a multi-purpose weights setup for their home gym.

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Body-Solid GPR400 product image of an all-black power cage.
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Credit: Body-Solid

4. Body-Solid GPR400

Best heavy-duty power cage

Dimensions: 80" Height
Max Capacity: 1000lbs

The Body-Solid GPR400 is a compact yet incredibly sturdy power cage, boasting an impressive weight capacity of 1000 lbs, making it suitable for even the most seasoned lifters.

Constructed with an 11-gauge steel frame, this power cage is specifically designed to endure the demands of heavy powerlifting.

Standing at a height of just 80" as well, the cage can comfortably fit into home gyms without worrying about it touching the ceiling in your setup. Furthermore, the versatility of this power cage is enhanced by the option to add various attachments, such as a lat-pulldown cable, allowing you to perform a wide range of back exercises from your home setup as well.

As a result, we feel the Body-Solid power cage is nothing short of excellent, making it a great option to consider purchasing.

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Mikolo Multi-Function Power Cage image of a silver multi-function cage featuring multiple pullies and cables.
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Credit: Mikolo

5. Mikolo Multi-Function Power Cage

Best multi-function power cage

Dimensions: 86.6'' x 67.7'' x 52'"
Max Capacity: 1400lbs

If a full-body workout is what you're after, then this Mikolo cage could be the rack for you.

Not only does it come with an array of additional attachments like cables, dip bars, and J-hooks, but it also features a huge weight capacity of 1400lbs allowing you to push your workouts to the absolute limit.

On top of that, it is also highly adjustable with 14 different height choices so you can swap between a low-down bench press to a higher setting for squatting with ease.

Overall, if you're looking for a real all-in-one cage to save space in your home gym, then we feel it's hard to look past this power rack.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

People often have a tonne of questions about power cages, especially as there are so many different types, but we're here to clear up a few common queries to help you make your purchase.

What's the difference between a power cage and squat rack?

A power cage and a squat rack are both pieces of weightlifting equipment designed to help with weight-training exercises such as squats, bench press, and shoulder press. While they are similar in function and appearance, there are a few key differences between the two.

A power cage, also known as a power rack, is a rectangular structure with four upright posts, two horizontal crossbars, and, usually, two adjustable safety bars. The bars can be adjusted to various heights, allowing for the safe lifting of heavy weights without the need for a spotter. A power cage also usually includes a pullup bar and can sometimes feature additional attachments such as dip bars and cable pulleys for added versatility.

A squat rack, also known as a half-rack, is similar to a power cage but has two upright posts instead of four. The two posts are generally closer together than the four posts on a power cage. Like the power cage, a squat rack can also include adjustable safety bars to allow for safe lifting without a spotter. However, a squat rack does not usually come with additional attachments such as a chin-up bar or dip bars.

Is a power cage worth t?

A power cage offers numerous benefits for weightlifting enthusiasts, extending beyond just squats.

By incorporating a power cage into your routine along with a bench and bar, you can effectively engage in a comprehensive full-body workout. Many power cages also come equipped with a pull-up bar, further expanding their exercise possibilities.

One of the notable advantages of a power cage is its ability to enhance core strength. Strengthening your core lifts can have a positive impact on various exercises, enabling you to surpass your personal bests and achieve new milestones in your fitness journey.

Considering your specific fitness requirements, a power cage can serve as a remarkable tool to facilitate muscle growth and assist you in attaining your training objectives.

Is a full cage safer than a half cage?

The benefit of opting for a full rack rather than a half rack is that it can provide more stability and support when performing your lifts. As a result, a full rack is often regarded as the safest and most stable option of the two.

That said, a half rack is still designed to be safe, with this CAP Barbell FM-8000F, for instance, capable of holding 500 lbs on its arms. This is because it's made from 12 and 14-gauge steel and, therefore, should be incredibly strong. So, if you're trying to determine which is the safest power cage for you, then we'd recommend looking into the materials used to construct it as well.

Does a power cage last?

More often than not, a power cage has to withstand a lot of punishment given the constant dropping of barbells and heavy gym equipment on them. However, given their purpose, they are built to be strong, usually out of steel, meaning they will likely last a long time and not collapse if assembled correctly.

Your cage may become slightly worn the more it's used but this shouldn't affect its ability to function as an effective tool for weight-based training.

How much space do you need for a power cage?

Generally speaking, most power cages measure around 80" to 90" in height to accommodate almost all sizes.

Of course, you can also pick up slightly smaller and even larger cages if required; however, for home gyms, we'd recommend sticking to this height range so it fits under your ceiling.

The width can sometimes vary a little more, with our list ranging between 40" and 70" depending on the model, so you'll probably want to aim for upwards of 90" of space on either side to make sure you can comfortably fit a barbell in as well.

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