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Returnal: New Combat Details Announced in stunning new trailer

The next generation launch always falls a little bit flat, sure there are some great games released, such as Spider-Man Miles Morales, but the library is always pretty small.

It is the following year that the next generation really kicks off and that is definitely the case with the PS5.

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An Unexpected Gem

Returnal is a third person Sci-Fi game that will likely fly under the radar for a lot of players, but has the potential to be an unexpected gem.

Featuring fast paced arcade action, bullet hell gameplay, Returnal looks to be a very fun game for players that just want to kick ass and chew bubblegum.

Returnal PS5 Key Art 1
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ACTION: Returnal will feature high action gameplay

The game also doesn't appeal to rely on fast action gameplay and use it as an excuse to not also focus on the visuals and story aspect.


Visually the game looks stunning, with rich landscapes, detailed enemies and textures, and a great use of shadows for immersion, it is definitely making use of what the PS5 has to offer.

Check out the gameplay trailer below.

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In a blog post, Sony gave more details as to what to expect from the games combat mechanics when it launches later this year.

The games main character, Selene, will be able to use many weapons and devices, including some that aren't man made.

There will be standard weapons, such as Blasters and Shotguns, which are ungradable as various traits are unlocked over time, to numerous items that cause devastating effects to enemies such as electrical impulses.

In total there will be 10 base weapons, with more than 90 Weapon Traits, giving players a huge variety of combinations and play styles to choose from.


Adaptive Triggers

Returnal will also make use of the adaptive trigger on the DualSense controller.

By pressing L2 down hallfway players can aim down sights, but press it all the way and the weapon enters alt-fire mode.

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In the combat trailer we get to see Selene use some weapons that are out of this world, quite literally.

A Parasite can be seen attaching to Selene's arm, which can then causes various effects on enemies upon death.

Atropian Blade

For those Devil May Cry fans out there, the Atropian Blade is the weapon for you.

Allowing players to hack and slash their way through enemy after enemy, it looks to add further action and intensity to the game.

Returnal PS5 Key Art 2
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NEXT GEN: Returnal will make use of the power from the next gen hardware.

All of these things definitely tick the boxes when it comes to high action and innovative gameplay and the game looks to be a lot of fun.

Release Date

Returnal is being developed by House Marque, a development studio with a history of creating Sci-Fi style games, such as Matterfall and Alienation.


The game will launch exclusively on PlayStation 5 on March 19th 2021.

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