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Here's whether we'll see Konami release a PES 2022

With PES 2021 winding down, attentions are starting to turn to Konami's next release.

So, here's whether we'll see a PES 2022.

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Will there be a PES 2022?

In short, yes.

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PICTURE PERFECT: PES 2022 will be awesome on next-gen consoles

We can most definitely expect to see Konami release a PES 2022.

PES 2022 Release Date


It's hard to predict when PES 2022 could arrive, with Konami jumping around Pro Evo's release date in recent years.

PES 2019 arrived as early as 28 August, but we think, as football returns to normality - PES 2022 is likely to arrive on Tuesday, 7 September.

For everything we know about PES 2021's Release Date, head here.

PES 2022 Licences

An exciting feature for PES fans is the new licences each year - especially after Konami secured Juventus for PES 2020.

Since then, the title has secured exclusive rights for Roma - and has partner deals with plenty of other clubs, including Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Arsenal.

We weren't expecting an announcement so early, but Napoli has become the first club to sign-on for PES 2022, in a licence agreement that will become exclusive from the 2022/23 season (PES 2023).

Napoli becomes the fourth Italian club after Juventus, Roma and Lazio to become a partner club, with an agreement also in place with the Italian Football Federation.

Konami has also secured the naming rights for Napoli's training centre, which will feature a brand new gaming area for players and guests.