eFootball 2022 Master League: Popular gamemode set to return & now on mobile

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With eFootball taking over from the PES franchise, what can we expect from the popular game mode Master League?

Check out everything we know so far about Master League in eFootball 2022 below, including details on the new mobile app.

Latest - Master League coming to mobile!

We now have confirmation that Master League will be made available on mobile this season.

efootball mobile controller
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REVOLUTIONARY - Future updates will add controller support for mobile

This means you can now manage your team whenever and wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

While Master League won’t be available straight from the off, expect it to arrive shortly after the official release date.

Master League available on eFootball

Despite all the changes and the game now being free to play, Master League will still be available.

However, the offline mode will NOT be free to play but can be bought as an optional DLC.

By the looks of the official Twitter page, the DLC may not be ready when the game is first released either.

eFootball Trailer

We have just got our first taste of the brand new game!

Check out the Official Reveal Trailer below.

It seems Konami are trying to improve the fundamentals of the game to try and create the greatest football head-to-head experience in gaming.

New Managers

It would be great to see new managers to use as your avatar for eFootball.

PES 2021 Managers

  • Johan Cruyff
  • Diego Maradona
  • Zico
  • Romario
  • Bebeto
  • Roberto Carlos

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GOING GLOBAL - Could we see more international team managers like Ryan Giggs?
  • Lothar Matthaus
  • Ruud Gullit
  • Frank Lampard
  • Ryan Giggs
  • Pep Guardiola
  • Steven Gerrard

So who are realistic options to join this list?

It's best to start with Konami' partner clubs with Arsenal's Mikel Arteta and Manchester United's Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the hot favourites to join the managers' list for eFootball.

Of course, Bayern Munich's Hansi Flick is yet to appear, and nor are Roma's Paulo Fonseca and rival manager Simone Inzaghi of Lazio, who would be great to see for derby matches

We are also yet to see Barcelona manager Ronald Koeman or club legend Xavi.


With it being two years since the last significant update to Master League, we are expecting Konami to make some big changes when eFootball arrives.


Training on PES 2021 was very simplistic and there were no real options to work on your players, like in FIFA 21's Career Mode.

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SKILL UP - In PES 2021's training you can get your players working on new skills

Yes, you can get them to improve their abilities and have them learn new skills or positions, but you don't get the opportunity to be hands-on and run the sessions as you do in FIFA 21.

A fine balance is required between training not becoming laborious but also getting what you want out of it - something Konami should definitely address.


An improvement in transfer negotiations is perhaps required, with any bid being rejected meaning that the deal is dead in the water.

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ADJUSTMENT - We love PES's transfer details, but perhaps it's not the most realistic

That aside, the transfer breakdown of the fee, sell-on option as well as player salary, contract length, release fee and bonuses all work brilliantly.

Perhaps an added realism of breaking these up into two parts, with separate negotiations between the club and the player making transfers more realistic.

Unreal Engine

As you might know, Konami has chosen to switch engines in time for the arrival eFootball, moving to Epic's Unreal.

pes messi in game netherlands
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HOW'S YOUR TOUCH: PES 2022 could be the most realistic football sim we've ever seen

In an interview with Konami's Seitaro Kimura, producer on the eFootball series, he pointed to a few examples of how Unreal has already helped the development process.

One specific example is that with Unreal Engine, designers can take on various tasks without programmers’ help by using Blueprint.

By doing so, we believe that we can improve the production speed, improve the skills of individual designers, and receive many other benefits.



Konami is preparing for life on next-generation consoles such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and have changed to a new 'Unreal Engine'.

And early images of the detailed graphics, created by an independent artist using the all-new engine, look very promising.

Fans can't get over how realistic the pair look in these images!

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