*UPDATED* PES 2020 adds another league licence in Data Pack 2.0 dropping next week

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Despite being released in early September, PES 2020 continue to announce new licensing agreements in their ongoing battle against EA's FIFA 20.

Last week, Konami announced yet another licensing agreement, as the official PES Twitter confirmed that the Serie B will be introduced in their Data Pack 2.0.

We now know that Data Pack 2.0 will be released on the 24th October (next Thursday).

This makes Pro Evo the only game to have a fully licensed Serie B on both console and mobile.


It seems that Konami’s PES title is back in a big way this year, securing exclusive rights to Juventus and a licensing agreement with the Serie A.

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Not to mention their groundbreaking agreement which sees the Thai League make its first appearance on any computer game and Konami's confirmation that they have secured the rights to Euro 2020, with the full tournament being a DLC for PES 2020.

How do I get Data Pack 2.0?

Data Pack 2.0 isn't yet available, but Konami confirmed that it would arrive later this month for both console & PC.

Thanks to its in-game notifications, you won't miss the Data Pack when it comes available, giving you access to the second-tier of Italian clubs.

This should be in-line with the update coming to the mobile version of the game, commencing the start of PES 2020 Mobile - arriving as a free update also towards the end of October.


But, is PES 2020 any good?

Our very own Harry Jones states in his PES 2020 review that he thinks it’s a brilliant game, albeit one with plenty of flaws – a step in the right direction, but one perhaps not impactful enough to significantly threaten FIFA’s stronghold on the football gaming market.

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It still lacks the licences to compete with FIFA’s realism and its online matchday feature cannot seriously challenge FIFA Ultimate Team in terms of personal user experience.

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EXCLUSIVE: PES 2020 is the only game to have a fully licensed Serie B

However, matches are genuinely enjoyable to play, packing plenty of attacking football. Also, Master League is pretty great – if FIFA’s ongoing issues with Career Mode do not see an impactful improvement, there will be no doubt regarding which game has the better single-player mode.

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