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New eFootball 2022 menu UI will blow PES 2021's out the water

Loads of changes are coming to eFootball, including an ovehauled menu UI.

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So, check out the new look eFootball menus below!

eFootball Menu UI overhauled

The new eFootball 2022 menu UI (user interface) has been leaked online, and it looks great!

efootball 2022 menu ui
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CLEAN - The new eFootball menu is vastly improved

We have not yet seen all the eFootball 2022 menus, but judging from the image above, Konami has made some big changes!

The new UI looks simple and clean, with a shift away from the cluttered style we saw from PES 2021.

pes 2021 mobile menu
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OUTDATED - PES 2021's menus were in need of a change up

Fans were disappointed with the aesthetic of last year's menus, which Konami seems to have acknowledged!

PES 2021 Mobile will be updated to eFootball 2022

Konami has announced that eFootball mobile will be available as an update to the existing PES 2021 app.

efootball mobile controller
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REVOLUTIONARY - Future updates will add controller support for mobile

Current mobile users will be able to carry over a portion of their in-game assets from PES 2021 to eFootball.

For more details on what assets can be carried over to eFootball 2022 Mobile, click here.

eFootball 2022 release date

We finally have an official release date for eFootball!

pes 2021 arsenal barca aubameyang
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MOBILE MADNESS: PES fans are awaiting any news on Konami's next Mobile game

eFootball 2022 will launch on Thursday, 30 September 2021.


The first major update, which goes live this Autumn, will mark the launch of eFootball 2022 for iOS and Android devices.

For everything we know about eFootball's Release Date, head here.

eFootball new licences

As things stand, Konami still has deals in place with plenty of footballing heavyweights.

The flagship club is Juventus, who do not appear in any other game thanks to their agreement with Konami.

Barcelona and Bayern Munich have also been strong flagbearers for PES over the years, with both club's stadiums - the Nou Camp and Allianz Arena, exclusive to PES 2021.

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ON LOCK - Konami's deal with Juventus for PES 202 shook up the gaming space

If they were to secure another exclusive club, one of these would be the most likely - but whether Konami can get around EA's deals with La Liga and the Bundesliga remains to be seen.


Despite losing deals for AC Milan and Inter Milan last year, Konami did manage to secure AS Roma on an exclusive deal, with Lazio now also a partner club for the PES brand, and most recently signed an exclusive partnership with Atalanta.

Similar deals are in place for English giants Manchester United and Arsenal, but an exclusive deal here is pretty much impossible due to EA's relationship with the Premier League.

eFootball/PES Partner Clubs

Here are the most well-known clubs that are partnered with Konami:

  • Barcelona (stadium exclusive)
  • Bayern Munich (stadium exclusive)
  • Juventus (exclusive)
  • Atalanta (*NEW* - exclusive)
  • Roma (exclusive)
  • Lazio (stadium exclusive)
  • Napoli (*NEW* - exclusive from 2022/23 season)
  • Manchester United
  • Arsenal
  • Schalke
  • Bayer Leverkusen
  • Celtic (stadium exclusive)
  • Rangers (stadium exclusive)
  • Zenit St Petersburg (exclusive)
  • River Plate (exclusive)
  • Boca Juniors (exclusive)

Check out more of eFootball's licences here.