Tottenham player tops RealSport's Alternate Player of the Year list

The general consensus by now is that Liverpool's Mohamed Salah will be deemed this season's Player of the Year. Few could begrudge him the honour, too.

The Egyptian has been prolific since arriving in the Premier League from Roma last summer. He has scored an astounding 29 league goals and looks on course to break records.

Player of the Year, then, looks settled. But perhaps it should not be so easily decided. Salah has been exceptional this season, certainly, but there are a number of other players, who might perform different roles for their respective teams, worthy of the highest plaudits.


Goal scorers tend to attract more attention, understandably. They should, however, be measured on a different metric to defenders and midfielders. Goals and assists are not all that should be considered when judging the season's best performers.

With that in mind, here are five alternative selections for the Player of the Year award.