WWE Men’s Power Rankings: Week of October 25, 2017

See which men have made the biggest impact across WWE this week!

Rather than separating weekly power rankings by brand, RealSport is bringing Raw, SmackDown Live, and 205 Live together to see which stars are making the biggest impact regardless of brand! We’ve narrowed it down to the top five, so it’ll take a big impact to break into the list each week. Here are this week’s rankings for the top five male superstars of WWE! 

  1. 5 THE MIZ (=)

    The Miz is great, but can we all take a minute to think about the fact that he more or less called for the attempted murder of Braun Strowman? It probably won't even be revisited, but I like the idea of The Miz becoming such an obsessed competitor that he will go to any lengths to win. It would still fit his character of not being able to win in a conventional way, but it would also give the extra edge needed to push Miz into being a threat in the main event scene. With Survivor Series around the corner, there is no clear next challenger for The Miz's Intercontinental Championship. That bothers me, as that championship has been irrelevant for a little too long for my liking.


    With no Roman Reigns, no Kevin Owens and the mid-card champions on both shows taking losses at a frightening rate, Kane slides into the fold. He looked like the Kane of old at TLC. I'm all for Kane being booked as a monster because honestly, that is how he should be. I'm also not upset with the fact he beat Finn Balor on Monday Night Raw. He needed the win more than Finn, and it can be used to book a passing of the demon torch match down the line, so I would argue it was great booking! I'm excited to see how the feud with Braun Strowman builds from here, and the eventual match should be great as is to be expected from Braun. 


    Finn Balor may have lost to Kane on Monday Night Raw, but that was only one part of his week. Balor had an awesome match with AJ Styles on limited time and such short notice. That is one of the true signs of a great wrestler. Beating AJ Styles is a big notch to put into Finn Balor's belt. With a resume as strong as Finn's, I hope that WWE quickly moves away from the Bray Wyatt feud and starts his move into the main event, as that is where The Demon belongs. Plus, he's still got a rematch for the Universal Championship, in case anyone had forgotten. 

  4. 2 JINDER MAHAL (+2)

    I really, really, really, really, really, really, don't care about Jinder Mahal. In fact, a care more when his lackeys have matches than when he does. Jinder Mahal still being the champion on SmackDown Live is one of the most egregious booking errors of the modern WWE era, and I can't muster up much else to say about him other than, please, have him lose that belt to AJ Styles soon. Reluctantly, his continued dominance and grip on the WWE Championship help keep him high in our power rankings. 


    This was the week of AJ Styles. To start, he flew home from the South America tour on short notice to have an impromptu match against Finn Balor that some have hailed as WWE's best of the year. He then competed the night after on Monday Night Raw and had a great match while teaming with The Shield. After taking part in the #UnderSiege invasion of Raw at the end of the night, he went back to "The House That AJ Styles Built" and handily defeated one half of The Singh Brothers. The fact that AJ was the go-to for Vince shows his position on the roster. AJ is one of the true faces of WWE, and it feels incredible. 

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Ash Aidan