Los Angeles Dodgers: Most important end of season matchups

The Dodgers are finally back on track following their 11 game skid.

The Dodgers have already set historic milestones this season. Thanks to the huge division lead they took in the middle of the summer, they didn’t have to worry when they hit an 11 game skid at the beginning of the month. The Dodgers may have clinched the division, but they don’t want to roll into the post season on a losing streak. The next two weeks will be crucial to how the Dodgers start their postseason run.

  1. 1 The Washington Nationals

    This is a huge series. It’s going to be a preview of what’s most likely to come as well as revenge for last year when the Dodgers managed to keep the Nats out of the NLCS yet again. The Nationals aren’t far behind the Dodgers either for the best record in the NL, so this series could also have a huge swing in who wins home-field advantage.

  2. 2 City of Brotherly Love

    The Philadelphia Phillies will be anything but loving to the Dodgers. This is a four-game series that they should be able to sweep. However, the Phillies have nothing at stake here so they would just be playing spoiler. If the Dodgers manage to drop 2 of 3 to the Nats, this next series would be crucial for them to win all four games in order to get some of that momentum back.

  3. 3 The Battle of California

    It's a rivalry almost as old as baseball itself. When the Dodgers come back to the West Coast, they’ll be facing the San Francisco Giants. Unlike past seasons, however, this matchup won’t have much riding on it for the Giants but that’s not to say this series won’t be intense. When the Giants took the first of a three-game series during the Dodgers' losing streak, I thought for sure nothing would swing back in the Dodgers' favor if they couldn’t beat a team that was  51-91 on the year.

  4. 4 So Cal, So What?

    The San Diego Padres come into town right after the Giants and the Dodgers have a similar situation here. The Padres have pulled an upset on the Dodgers before so don’t be surprised if this series is a bit more difficult for them. The Dodgers dropped a series to the Padres at the beginning of the month so there's no doubt that the Padres are capable of pulling off a sweep here if the Dodgers let their guard down too early.

  5. 5 Rockie Road

    The Dodgers end their season with a short two-game series with the Colorado Rockies. Aside from the Nats, this will be their final challenge before the postseason starts. The Rockies pummeled the Dodgers in their recent matchup which only contributed to their losing streak. If the Dodgers manage to pull off series wins against the Padres, Giants, and Phillies, I can't see these last two games turning the tide in any crucial way. But the Rockies will most likely be one of the NL Wild Card contenders and the Dodgers need to show them that squeezing out a win won't be an easy task.

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Christina Cola


Christina Cola is a writer, comedian, performer from Brooklyn, and a long-suffering/optimistic Mets fan since 1998.

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