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FM17: Tottenham Player Ratings Revealed

Here's the Spurs team on Football Manager 2017 with all the player ratings and values revealed and broken down to help you understand your squad.

Taking over Spurs would be a great choice for your first save on FM17 as Mauricio Pochettino has essentially built a squad capable of challenging for the title already. A few personnel changes here and there and you could walk the Premier League.

This squad is basically tailor made for a high-intensity, couter-pressing game and these are the tactics you should employ to ensure maximum functionality. Your key players are Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen, Toby Alderweireld and Hugo Lloris; look at that, a pre-made spine for you to build around. The key with Spurs is that the squad is very young, which means all of your stars can stay stars for many years in the future.

With a very larger starting transfer budget, you have significant freedom in the transfer market, should you want to make any additions to your squad. Spurs also have a carefully crafted wage structure, meaning none of your stars will start demanding huge wage packages from the get go.

Tottenham’s starting transfer and wage budgets are as follows:

Transfer budget: £50,000,000

Wage budget: £1,869,648


PositionPlayerCurrent RatingPotential RatingAgeNationalityValue
GoalkeeperHugo Lloris4429France£27m
GoalkeeperPau Lopez2.52.521Spain£3.6m

Hugo Lloris recently got nominated for the Ballon d’Or award and David de Gea didn’t… That speaks volumes for how the ‘keeper is perceived in the game. It would be foolish to let the Frenchman go, so make sure you keep him in your squad. It’s also worth mentioning that his leadership attribute is high and you may want to retain him as captain. You also have Pau Lopez on loan and Michel Vorm is somewhere in the reserve squad should you want him.


PositionPlayerCurrent RatingPotential RatingAgeNationalityValue
DefenderKyle Walker3326England£22.5m
DefenderKieran Trippier2.52.525England£9m
DefenderKyle Walker Peters2219England£2.1m
DefenderDanny Rose3.53.525England£20m
DefenderBen Davies3323Wales£11.75m
DefenderJan Vertonghen3.53.529Belgium£20.5m
DefenderToby Alderweireld4427Belgium£32m
DefenderKevin Wimmer33.523Austria£14.5m

Spurs have a pretty young group of defenders, as it goes, and they can develop over time into quality players, so there isn’t too much need to chop and change just yet. In Toby Alderweireld you have a four-star centre-half and you should build your defence around him. Personally, I would try and upgrade Jan Vertonghen as the Belgian can still command a decent fee at this point. Fullbacks are hard to come by and in Walker and Rose you have two good ones. Using them as wingbacks will definitely get them on the assist chart. It’s important that if you do try and upgrade them, you should look for fullbacks with high stamina, pace and crossing attributes, if you plan to play them as wingbacks.


PositionPlayerCurrent RatingPotential RatingAgeNationalityValue
MidfielderEric Dier3.5422England£31m
MidfielderSon Heung-Min33.523Korea£30m
MidfielderMousa Dembele3.53.528Belium£17m
MidfielderVictor Wanyama3.53.525Kenya£22.5m
MidfielderTom Carroll2.5324England£8.75m
MidfielderDele Alli3.53.520England£30m
MidfielderJoshua Onomah2319England£5.5m
MidfielderMoussa Sissoko2.52.526France£13.25m
MidfielderErik Lamela3.53.524Argentina£27m
MidfielderGeorges Kevic Nkoudou22.521France£5.5m
MidfielderChristian Eriksen3.5424Denmark£36.5m

Again, youth is the key word for Tottenham’s midfield, as the oldest player is Moussa Dembele, followed by Moussa Sissoko, at 28 and 26, respectively. It’s up to you how you use Eric Dier, but at four-star potential, you could partner him with Alderweireld and use Victor Wanyama as your defensive midfielder (3.5 stars). Eriksen is another four-star potential player and he’s guaranteed to get countless assists. Same goes with Dele Alli; playing him in deep midfield is your best bet, but make sure you play him from the beginning, despite the fact he’s only 19. On FM16, he normally had an average rating of 7.8 or 7.9 each season playing in the ‘roaming playmaker’ role from central midfierld. Onomah and Carroll can be let go if you’re short of funds.


PositionPlayerCurrent RatingPotential RatingAgeNationalityValue
StrikerHarry Kane3.54.522England£34.5m
StrikerVincent Janssen2.5322Netherlands£11.25m

Harry Kane has the potential to become one of the best strikers on the game, reaching 4.5 star ability, and playing him as a complete forward will get the best out of him. On FM16, I witnessed Harry Kane score 39 goals in the Premier League. That’s 39, in one season, in the league. In Janssen, you also have solid back-up and there’s no need to change anything for years. Just make sure you keep him happy with some games here and there.

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FM17: Tottenham Player Ratings Revealed

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