25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

Man City, Chelsea & Tottenham: The best represented clubs at World Cup 2018

REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

The World Cup is a glorious opportunity to ignore the embarrassing tribalism that comes with club football, the tedious debates amongst Liverpool and Spurs fans over who took the better penalty between Eric Dier and Jordan Henderson aside.

It's been such an unpredictable and exciting tournament so far that football - actual football - has captured the attention more than the summer lifeblood of football websites, transfer gossip columns.


Nevertheless, fans of certain clubs can take more pride in their players' performances than others. 

It's not the usual names at the top of the table, either. The early exits of Spain and Germany have ensured that Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich aren't as represented as others, and Italy not qualifying mean Juventus and other Italian giants miss out too. 

With England making the quarter-finals - and a few key high-profile Belgians and Frenchmen - means Premier League clubs dominate. Who needs a winter break, eh?

So, who makes it? Take a look below.