Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea? Who has the best kit?

With the rise of the football kit aesthetic in recent years, here’s RealSport’s Top Five list.

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Reuters/Carl Recine

Like it or not, football shirts have become chic. 

You’re as likely to see one in a Shoreditch coffee shop as you are in the upper echelons of a stadium. 

As the price of wearing your team’s favourite colours has gone up, so too has the quality and attention put into their design by some of the world’s largest sporting conglomerates.

Some teams have fared better than others in this endeavour. 

Arsenal’s Sprite-esque European away shirt deserves particular ridicule, matching the saccharine and unsatisfying tone of their season

Real Madrid, meanwhile, could open a (highly unsuccessful) boutique with the number of gaudy disasters they’ve hawked to their underserving fanbase over the years. 

The Premier League hasn’t been different, with over-zealous designs often worsened by attention-hogging sponsors (I’m looking at you, Everton and Angry Birds). 

Five shirts rose above the morass, striking the right balance between sport and fashion.











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