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Indoor Cricket: Australasia Cup - Fixture schedule, team lists, scoring and live-stream details

Photo Credit: Ceylon Indoor Cricket Association

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The Australasia Cup kicks-off this Thursday from Colombo with Sri Lankan, Australian, Singaporean and Indian sides all in action across the Open Men's, Open Women's, 21 & Under Girls and 21 & Under Boys' grades. Here are the details surrounding the event:

Where can you watch?


All matches will be live-streamed with commentary through The Papare, which is Sri Lanka's largest sports streaming website (it is operated by the telecommunications company Dialog). The Papare will live-stream the matches from their website at http://www.thepapare.com. Alternatively, matches can be found on their Facebook page (Facebook: thepapare.com). 

The Ceylon Indoor Cricket Association (CICA), the governing body for indoor cricket in Sri Lanka, will also share the links from the website to their own Facebook page (Facebook: Ceylon Indoor Cricket Association).

Match scoring and statistics

Scorecards of matches, including practice games and ladders will be available on the WICF Spawtz scoring website, available at this link: http://wicfwina.spawtz.com/ActionController/LeagueList?VenueId=106

What can you expect?

The Venue:

The surface at the Austasia complex is 18-years-old - the older courts mean there is likely to be little grip on the surface. You would call this a truer indoor cricket type of turf. The ball won't stop on the batsmen and will skid on quickly, meaning bowlers and batsmen will have to adjust their strategies accordingly. 



Australia are the reigning (and only) world champions in indoor cricket across all grades and it would be difficult to see them not winning the Open Men's tournament or any of the Open Women's, 21 & Under Girls or 21 & Under Boys' series here either. They have brought in some new players into their set-ups for this development tour, but all have experienced representative cricket before at State level and a number have also come off successful campaigns in Australia's National Indoor Cricket League which recently concluded. It represents a good opportunity for some fringe players to push forward their cases for selection going forward, with a series in New Zealand next year before a World Cup in 2020. 

Sri Lanka:

The hosts Sri Lanka are playing in their own conditions, which they will look to use to their advantage. That extends from the heat and humidity to the experience on the surface at Austasia. They are coming in with some confidence, giving the more fancied sides at last year's World Cup some competitive matches. The Open Men's side lost in the final of the Asia Cup to India back in January, however they accounted for a touring England side 6-0 in April. Their development side also played well against the touring England Lions team.

Several Open Men's squad are very experienced now, with Hiran De Mel, Head of Technical and Operations of CICA remarking to RealSport that "a lot of these guys have been playing since the inception of CICA in 2000. It means that while they have aged in terms of physical fitness, they have matured enough to understand their own games and how to play against the Australasians". He also noted that some new players have brought in, to ensure that complacency has been eradicated from older players in the set-up. He expects the women to have a tougher time, being a relatively new squad, and sees this as a learning curve for them. While a number of the squad have been involved with Sri Lanka or Sri Lanka A sides in outdoor cricket, they will find it difficult against the Australian sides, who have a good amount of experience mixed with some exciting young talent coming up.


India will come into the tournament a bit under-done in terms of preparation, with there initially being some confusion around their participation in the event. The travelling side therefore will only contain five of the 12 members who won the Asia Cup in India back in January. There will be some experience missing in this respect. 


While Sri Lanka have concentrated on beating the top indoor nations including Australia, New Zealand and South Africa at recent tournaments, it has been India who have snuck in under the radar and beaten Sri Lanka more often than not. They will be wary of the challenge they present. 


Singapore have brought over eight of the 12 squad members from last year's World Cup, but are missing a couple of key players. It at least ensured some good continuity as a playing unit. Probably the weakest of the four sides, they didn't make the Asia Cup final and will look to make a point here. Their development continues as they sent over 13 & Under and 17 & Under Boys' teams to Australia's Junior National Championships back in July and will do the same for the Junior World Series in New Zealand starting at the end of this month. 

Fixture schedule

*All times stated are Sri Lanka local time 

The first match of each day will start at 10.00am local time, with the last match taking place at 6.45pm. With indoor cricket rules allowing a maximum of 38 minutes per innings, expect each match to last up to 90 minutes with the change of innings included. 

The Open Men's tournament will see each Sri Lanka, Australia, India and Singapore play each other twice in a round-robin format, with the top two sides advancing to the final on Monday. The Open Women, 21 & Under Women and 21 & Under Mens' grades will comprise a five-match series between Sri Lanka and Australia only.

On the final day the first match will start at 8.00am, with the Open Men's final concluding the tournament, beginning at 1.45pm.

Date Time* Grade Fixture
Thursday, September 20, 201810.00am21 & Under WomenSri Lanka vs Australia
Thursday, September 20, 201811.45amOpen MenSri Lanka vs India
Thursday, September 20, 20181.30pm21 & Under MenSri Lanka vs Australia
Thursday, September 20, 20183.15pmOpen WomenSri Lanka vs Australia
Thursday, September 20, 20185.00pmOpen MenSri Lanka vs Singapore
Thursday, September 20, 20186.45pmOpen MenAustralia vs India
Friday, September 21, 201810.00amOpen WomenSri Lanka vs Australia
Friday, September 21, 201811.45amOpen MenAustralia vs Singapore
Friday, September 21, 20181.30pm21 & Under WomenSri Lanka vs Australia
Friday, September 21, 20183.15pm21 & Under MenSri Lanka vs Australia
Friday, September 21, 20185.00pmOpen MenIndia vs Singapore
Friday, September 21, 20186.45pmOpen MenSri Lanka vs Australia
Saturday, September 22, 201810.00am21 & Under MenSri Lanka vs Australia
Saturday, September 22, 201811.45amOpen MenSri Lanka vs Singapore
Saturday, September 22, 20181.30pmOpen WomenSri Lanka vs Australia
Saturday, September 22, 20183.15pm21 & Under WomenSri Lanka vs Australia
Saturday, September 22, 20185.00pmOpen MenAustralia vs Singapore
Saturday, September 22, 20186.45pmOpen MenSri Lanka vs India
Sunday, September 23, 201810.00am21 & Under WomenSri Lanka vs Australia
Sunday, September 23, 201811.45amOpen MenAustralia vs India
Sunday, September 23, 20181.30pm21 & Under MenSri Lanka vs Australia
Sunday, September 23, 20183.15pmOpen WomenSri Lanka vs Australia
Sunday, September 23, 20185.00pmOpen MenIndia vs Singapore
Sunday, September 23, 20186.45pmOpen MenSri Lanka vs Australia
Monday, September 24, 20188.00am21 & Under MenSri Lanka vs Australia
Monday, September 24, 20189.45amOpen WomenSri Lanka vs Australia
Monday, September 24, 201811.30am21 & Under MenSri Lanka vs Australia
Monday, September 24, 20181.45pmOpen MenFINAL

Team Lists

Open Men:

No Sri Lanka India Australia Singapore
1Kamal Kuruppu (c) Mohammed Khizer Ahmed (c)Lyle Teske (c)Karthikeyan Subramanian (c)
2Kolitha HapuarachchiVijay H (vc)Rhys DearnessAnand Prabhu
3Salman FarisDhanush BhaskarRob FitzgeraldRajiv Chandrasekar
4Rumesh PereraDaivik RaiMatthew FlorosMustafa Hussain Kathawala
5Sanjeewa JayaratneSoraj ReddyBenjamin FlorosJayesh Salgaonkar
6Chrishanth PeriesZain-Ul-AbideenTim FlorosHariharan Krishnamurthy
7Malshan RodrigoMohammed Ruman ChoudhryTrent LawfordSharan Swaminathan
8Sanjaya GangodawilaAbu TalhaJustin PerkinsTameem Abdul Latheef
9Ruwan ChandrakumaraVikas RathorKieran PerkinsSrikanth Ramaswamy 
10Andy SolomonsMohan ReddyAshley PaddisonDuminda Sanjeewa
11Heshal SilvaMihir JainBrock WinklerDhanraj Ramamoorthy
12Ghishan JayaweeraPrasana KumarRyan DowseAjay Daniel
13Thiwanka DabareShakti Velu
14Sheehan WijetungeSanthosh Anand
15Nilantha Wijekoon
16Kanishka Jayasumana
17Deshan Dias
18Iroshan de Silva
     Coach     Asela PathiranaTaher Ali KhanBrenton BrienRashid Ahmed Khan
MgrSachindra GonaduwaShakthiGrant MacquarrieSunil Mohanamurthy

Open Women:

No Sri Lanka Australia
1Randeki Galhenage (c) Nicole Martin (c)
2Gayathri LiyanageSamantha Dixon
3Deepika SubasingheAdelaide Campion
4Dinesha JayasingheElly Donald
5Rajitha GunawardanaLaura Shaw
6Ruwini PeshalaKylie Rattray
7Iresha NishadhiBriony Polkinghorne 
8Dinusha SamarakoonDulane Carlson
9Lasanthi MadhushaniAshleigh Doble
10Madhuri SamuddhikaNeisha Iles
11Harshani WijeyrathnaElizabeth Hall
12Shanika DilrukshiRachael Baines
CoachAsela PathiranaWendy Kemp
ManagerManorie KodithuwakkuMaleah Harris

21 & Under Women:

No Sri Lanka Australia
1Kaushini Nuthyanga (c)Samantha Arnold
2Navodya FernandoAinslee Knight
3Methma HettiarachchiAmy Riddell
4Samadhi NethminiMadeleine Wright
5Asha HewarathnaZoe Griffiths
6Dilni JayawickramaTarlee Meaney
7Nethmi PoornaParis Rafferty
8Sachini PereraAmy Jennings
9Emoksha BhashiniLauren Nicholson
10Geethika ProbodhaniTaylah Gregory
11Inushi ShenorikaChristina Coulson
12Manohari NissansalaElla Baulch
13Senethma Rupasinghe
CoachAsela PathiranaCindy Cross
ManagerManorie KodithuwakkuTommy Holt

21 & Under Men:

No Sri Lanka Australia
1Shewon Fonseka (c)Zachary Schwarz
2Ravindu SiriwardanaCallum Wiggers
3Andrew ParysKai Hickey
4Thiwanka LakruwanAlexander Floros
5Chalitha SubasinghaTristan Hoarau
6Ruwinda NiwunhellaTyler Hays
7Sajith ChathurangaTyler Van Luin
8Kavinda MadurangaJeremy Crighton
9Dinush FernandoJoshua Fontana
10Achira DevHamish Chapman
11Thushal WalavegeJackson Hannon
12Sahan VimukthiStuart Bridgen
13Tharusha Thakshila
14Senura Amarasinghe
15Dhanushka Anthony
16Dilshan Madusanka
17Chamod Alwis
CoachAsela PathiranaRob Boiston
ManagerDilshan PerumalSam Bright