CLG vs TSM: NA LCS Summer Split 2018 w8 d1 match preview

0share (Image Credit: Clément Grandjean) In the rivalry of all rivalries, North American juggernauts

by Brandon Ridgely

(Image Credit: Clément Grandjean)

In the rivalry of all rivalries, North American juggernauts CLG and TSM once again clash in the NA LCS with plenty at stake, even if just their pride.

Let’s take a look at what we can expect come Saturday. For starters though, CLG enters this week 8 matchup at 5-9, and TSM enters at 6-8. Things could be going better in these two camps.

Matchup breakdown

Top lane

Darshan in the top lane has always been a comfortable spot, but as of late, he’s been outmatched this summer. It clearly shows with the playmaker sitting at sub-50 in stats like KDA and kill participation. While he hasn’t been too noticeably bad in his last few games, he’s still not the strong point he once was for this CLG team. He falls behind several top laners, and faces a hell of an opponent.

While Hauntzer hasn’t played the split of his life, he’s still proving himself capable at getting himself gold even when behind and being somewhat reliable for this inconsistent TSM squad. Recent beatings from Licorice and Huni don’t reflect too poorly in the top lane scene and perhaps look worse than they really are. 

Verdict: TSM takes this matchup down with Hauntzer proving himself just a bit more capable in the Summer Split.


CLG have had several unique players in the jungle position in recent years, and they now find themselves on similar ground with a player we’ve seen rule the jungle just as much as fall short in it. Luckily for CLG, Reignover has been back to ruling a little more often. Coming off of really dangerous showings from Olaf to Trundle, Reignover looks like a threat again that can take over a game and take an opponent off guard. 

TSM’s jungle picture has been weak for a very long time. After MikeYeung began to disappoint in the role TSM have always struggled with and assigned least priority to, Grig stepped into the spot. Grig has finally seemed to put things together and began applying significant pressure from the jungle. Despite a somewhat slow start, Grig has been on a hot streak, going 7/1/3 against Echo Fox last match, and contending in all of TSM’s previous games, even losses. 

Verdict: TSM edge out a close matchup in the jungle. While Reignover may have had a better 2018 Summer Split as a whole, Grig is on a dangerous hot streak that we think continues this match. 

Mid lane

A trend in CLG’s roster, the mid lane is also held down by a returning veteran of the squad, the Aurelian Sol god Huhi. Huhi has had an up and down time in the NA LCS, never quite being the best of the best in the middle lane and never quite falling too far behind the rest of the pack either. This split he’s been perhaps the brightest light for CLG, who have struggled to keep things going elsewhere on the map. Huhi holds top 20 stats across KDA, CS/min, and Kill Participation. On a 6-8 team, these are all quite impressive marks. 2018 might see this familiar matchup go a new way.

Perhaps the most popular player the NA LCS has ever seen, Bjergsen is the League of Legends equivalent to Lebron James. He came to the league young, and already having the hype of a strong future. Ever since, Bjerg has been the archetypal North American midlaner, running the show for a long time. Now however, while Bjerg is performing well on a struggling TSM, he’s had a worse overall Summer Split than Huhi. TL:DR, don’t give this man Zoe and you might live to tell the tale.

Verdict: While Huhi has been the better overall player this Summer, TSM are coming off a hot streak and Bjergsen has been a dominant piece to that puzzle. The smallest edge in the middle lane to Bjergsen’s TSM.

Bot lane

CLG’s bottom lane features former TSM support Biofrost, alongside longtime NA standout Stixxay. These two have been a solid metric for bot lane competition this summer, and continue to do so successfully. Stixxay is putting up some of the best ADC numbers around with 6th best KDA and 3rd best CS/min in the league, and Biofrost still competently holds down the fort as support and playmaker. Stixxay is, with Huhi, the consistently shining light at the end of the tunnel for this CLG squad. He’s almost never the reason for their losses, but it doesn’t mean he’s brought home the victories for the team he’s wanted. 

What can we say about TSM’s bottom lane import duo? Zven and mithy shocked the League of Legends world when they first became NA LCS imports and TSM’s newest bottom lane. That, however, doesn’t mean TSM is overjoyed with the results of it so far. While Zven has held his own among ADCs and stays at the front of the pack, his lane partner mithy has had a rough go of things this summer. The once lauded synergy between these two European players may have fallen a bit behind the curve, leaving Zven relied upon for his individual outplay potential with mithy falling more into grunt work, and while it hasn’t looked pretty, it’s done the job for some NA bottom lane matchups. 

Verdict: CLG finally edge a matchup with Stixxay and Biofrost shooting down the bot lane of TSM, allowing Biofrost some sweet revenge, and CLG a chance at a much-needed victory.

Who takes it home?

TSM look to have leads in the top, middle, and jungle. While Huhi vs Bjergsen is pure fireworks, and the bottom lane edges to CLG, I simply don’t see this CLG squad stopping TSM who are finally on the hot streak fans have been looking for all summer.

In the end, this match will have to go to TSM.

Let us know what you think of this week 8 Summer Split rivalry match in the comments below!

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