Chelsea: 5 Candidates for Player of the Year

Antonio Conte is on the way out after a sorry year in West London, but do any of his players deserve recognition?

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(Photo Credit: Aleksandr Osipov)

Not for the first time, Olivier Giroud came to the rescue. Only Jermain Defoe has scored more goals off the bench in the Premier League, so it was no surprise to see the Frenchman peg twice in the Southampton net on Saturday.

Chelsea’s 3-2 victory feels meaningless, though. The defending champions have been diabolical, going through the motions in a campaign devoid of meaning and fight. Everyone knows Antonio Conte is going in the Summer, and everyone knows too that an FA Cup will be a scant reward for a season that has at times felt like torture.

It hasn’t all been woe and lament though. Here are five players who shone through the drudgery.