Chelsea: 3 reasons why Maurizio Sarri will fail at the club

REUTERS/Ciro De Luca

When Carlo Ancelotti was announced as the new manager at Napoli, the implication - however understated - was clear enough: Maurizio Sarri was probably joining Chelsea.

The 59-year-old Italian has had a meteoric rise in the world of football since giving up his job as an investment banker 19 years ago to move into football coaching.


With that career trajectory ending most recently in Naples, Sarri developed a brand of football that led Pep Guardiola to describe Napoli as “one of the three or four or five best teams” in the world.

Frenetic in almost every sense, Sarri-ball involves intricate passing patterns and heavy pressing techniques to break down oppositions: an approach that had Napoli challenging Juventus for the Scudetto right up until the end of the season.

But whether or not that will translate well onto the pitch at Stamford Bridge is another matter entirely. 

Here are three reasons why Sarri's tenure at Chelsea won't go exactly to plan: