NBA Live 19 Shooting Tips

Shooting is one of the most important aspects of NBA Live 19 and nailing these moves can have a huge impact on your ability to dominate on offense.

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In NBA Live 19, the shooting has developed significantly thanks largely to Real Player Motion. The more realistic graphics mean players closely resemble their real-life selves when shooting, and though the side bar which you use to time your shot is still a little slow and clunky, shooting overall has seen a definite improvement on past versions of the game. So, just how do you maximize your players’ shooting potential?


NBA Live 19 Normal Jump Shot


PS4 Control

Xbox One Control

Normal Jump Shot Shot

■ or R Stick (any direction)

X or R (any direction)

When you initially press a shooting button while controlling a ball-handling player on offense, you’ll see a vertical bar pop up to the players right, and a little circle immediately begin to rise to the top. The circle will continue to rise until you release the shooting button, at which point it will stop and your player will shoot. The aim here is to release as close to the top of the bar as possible.

You’ll notice that the bar is filled with three colors: the bottom part is black, then there is a yellow part near the top, while the very tip of the bar is filled with green. Essentially, if you manage to time your release within the green section, there’s a very high chance your shot will go in, and you’ll see the bar fill up with green. The yellow section represents the in-between area where some shots will go in and some will miss, and the further away you are from the green the more likely it is that your shot will miss. If you release within the black section, your shot has a pretty much no chance of going in and you should probably head back to the gym for some more practice.

The easier your shot, the bigger both the green and the yellow sections will be on your shooting bar, and the more margin for error you will have in terms of the timing of your release. For example, if you’re controlling Steph Curry and have a wide open 3-pointer, you’ll have a decent amount of green and a whole lot of yellow in your bar. In contrast, if you take the same shot with Hassan Whiteside, you’ll see very little green, if any, and a much smaller yellow section.

Shooting a regular jump shot is very much feel-related, meaning the more you practice it, the better you’ll get. Simple advice, but a reality nonetheless. There are, however, a number of other ways you can become a better shot, starting with learning how to pull off some more complicated shooting maneuvers.

NBA Live 19 Step Back Jump Shot


PS4 Controls

Xbox One Controls

Step Back Jump Shot

Hold R2 and move R Stick down

Hold RT and move R Stick down

The step back is a great way to find that little bit of extra space on your opponent to get your shot off, and perfecting it can be a big advantage in NBA Live 19. The shooting itself doesn’t get significantly more difficult when you do this move, particularly if you have a player like Kyrie Irving at your disposal. The circle which moves up the shooting bar, however, doesn’t begin to move as early as it would normally. This slight delay which occurs while your player is stepping back can be off-putting at first, and result in a lot of your shots being released to early. Stay patient, and make sure you actually watch the shooting bar, rather than relying on the timing you’ve become used to on a regular jump shot.


NBA Live 19 Half Spin


PS4 Controls

Xbox One Controls

Half Spin Jump Shot

Run to your spot, release L Stick and R2 (if sprinting) and move R Stick down

Run to your spot, release L Stick and RT (if sprinting) and move R Stick down

The half spin is a great looking maneuver and is difficult to defend. When you get this right, your player will sprint to a spot, fake one way, before turning back the other way and putting up a shot. Again, the shooting itself doesn’t change significantly, but nailing the timing of the whole process can take a bit of getting used to. The most important thing is to ensure that you release the L Stick and the sprint button (R2 on PS4, RT on Xbox One), if you’re using it before you begin to move the R Stick, to begin your shot. If you’re holding them both down at the same time, even for a split second, your player will perform a step back jump shot instead of the half spin. As with the step back, make sure you pay close attention to the shooting bar to get the timing right; it doesn’t pay to rely on instinct as much as with a regular jumper, at least not until you’ve practiced.

NBA Live 19 Fade Away


PS4 Controls

Xbox One Controls

Fade Away

Point L Stick away from basket and press ■

Point L Stick away from basket and press X

Like the stepback, the fade away enables you to get a little bit of extra space on your opponent as you take your shot, but it can take a little bit of time to master. This one is really about the timing; again, the shot itself doesn’t change that much, and this time your player will begin his or her shot as soon as you begin to hold down the shooting button, like it does for a regular jump shot. What is tricky, however, is performing the two actions on the controller at the right time.

If you begin your shot before pointing the L Stick away from the basket, your player will simply jack up a normal jump shot. In contrast, if you take too long to begin your shot after you point it away, your player will begin to run away from the basket, before turning around and putting up a regular jump shot. To get him or her to perform a fade away, you need to either perform both controller movements simultaneously, or move the L Stick slightly before you begin your shot. Get this right, and you’ll have yet another shot in your arsenal.