NBA Live 19: Portland Trail Blazers Player Ratings and Roster

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After a successful 2017/18 regular season which saw them earn the third seed in the stacked Western Conference, the Trail Blazers were humiliatingly bundled out of the post-season in the first round. With an All-Star backcourt, however, they will once again be a dangerous prospect in 2018/19, though whether they can take the next step to truly challenge the best teams is another question.

Damian Lillard, PG, 89

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Age: 28 


Position: PG

Height: 6’3’’

Playstyle: Backcourt Shooter

Best stats: 96 Draw Shooting Foul, 95 Stamina, 93 Speed

Lillard was rewarded for an outstanding 2017/18 season with his maiden spot on the All-NBA First Team. His numbers were much the same as in the previous two seasons, but his incredible second half of the season saw him propel into the elite in the eyes of many. In 73 regular season games, he averaged 26.9 points, 4.5 rebounds, 6.6 assists and 1.1 steals.

CJ McCollum, SG, 86

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Age: 26


Position: SG

Height: 6’3’’

Playstyle: Wing Shooter

Best stats: 93 Stamina, 90 Contested Shot, 89 Mid-Range Shot

McCollum was inconsistent at times last season – an inevitable product of the way he plays – but he still put up some good numbers throughout the Trail Blazers run to the Playoffs. His 21.4 points per game were a slight drop-off from the prior season, and he shot under 40% from long range for the first time since 2015, but at 39.7% he was still a constant threat from beyond the arc. He also added 3.4 assists and 1.1 steals a night.

Evan Turner, SF, 77

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Age: 29


Position: SF

Height: 6’7’’

Playstyle: Wing Scorer

Best stats: 85 Mid-Range Shot, 82 Free Throw, 81 Stamina

Turner has failed to turn into the player he appeared destined to be when he was taken at pick 2 in the 2010 national draft, but he is still capable of playing a role in the NBA. A major reason for this is his inability to knock down the long ball - he hit 31.8% last season, an improvement on years gone by but still below average for a player of his type. With an array of other weapons, however, he can be a threat at the offensive end on his night.

Al-Farouq Aminu, PF, 79

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Age: 27


Position: PF

Height: 6’9’’

Playstyle: Stretch Big

Best stats: 91 Post Defense, 84 Vertical, 83 Stamina

Aminu's role on this team is much more significant at the defensive end of the floor, where he is a long-armed, active defender capable of guarding a range of positions. Offensively, though he occasionally gets off the chain and scores in bunches, his numbers are relatively modest - only once in his eight year career has he averaged more than 10 points.

Jusuf Nurkic, C, 82

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Age: 24


Position: C

Height: 6’11’’

Playstyle: Post Anchor

Best stats: 91 Post Moves, 87 Inside Shot, 84 Shot Block

Since moving to Portland, Nurkic has been solid without entirely filling the hole the Blazers hoped he would at center. In his first full season with the Blazers, the Bosnian averaged 14.3 points, 9.0 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 1.4 blocks per game. His passing game hasn't yet reached the level it shaped up to, while his lack of natural athleticism limits his defense, but he is a solid NBA player nonetheless.

NBA Live 19 Portland Trail Blazers Roster

Name OVR Position Height Playstyle Best Stats
Damian Lillard89PG6'3"Backcourt Shooter96 Draw Shooting Foul, 95 Stamina
CJ McCollum86SG6'4"Wing Shooter93 Stamina, 90 Contested Shot
Jusuf Nurkic82C6'11"Post Anchor91 Post Moves, 87 Inside Shot
Al-Farouq Aminu79PF6'9"Stretch Big91 Post Defense, 84 Vertical
Evan Turner77SF6'7"Wing Scorer85 Mid-Range Shot, 82 Free Throw
Seth Curry77SG6'2"Wing Shooter86 Mid-Range Shot, 84 3-point Shot
Meyers Leonard76C7'1"Rim Protector83 Free Throw, 82 Mid-Range Shot
Zach Collins76C7'0"Stretch Big87 Stamina, 81 Post Moves
Gary Trent Jr.76SG6'5"Wing Shooter88 Free Throw, 87 Stamina
Anfernee Simons76PG6'4"Floor General86 Speed, 85 Stamina
Maurice Harkless75SF6'8"Wing Scorer85 On Ball Defense, 85 Stamina
Nik Stauskas72SG6'6"Wing Shooter82 Stamina, 81 3-point Shot
Caleb Swanigan72PF6'8"Rim Protector85 Strength, 83 Stamina
Wade Baldwin IV69PG6'4"Floor General84 Free Throw, 84 Speed
Jake Layman63SF6'9"Wing Shooter86 Stamina, 70 Mid-Range Shot


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To get the most out of the Trail Blazers' All-Star backcourt, check out the full list of plays you can run with them below.

Play Name Play Type
PG Fist Motion Ray HighPick and Roll
PG One Chest SpainPick and Roll
PG DragPick and Roll
PG 14 Low HighPick and Roll
PG 41 Weak AnglePick and Roll
PG 41 High AnglePick and Roll
PG 41 Quick HighPick and Roll
PG 41 Weak UpPick and Roll
PG 41 LiftedPick and Roll
SG Fist Motion Flare HighPick and Roll
SG Fist Motion Slash HighPick and Roll
SG High Pistol AnglePick and Roll
SF 41 Pin AnglePick and Roll
SF 41 Strong Reverse GetPick and Roll
SF 41 Strong Reverse AnglePick and Roll
PF 41 Pitch SpreadPick and Roll
PF 41 Weak HighPick and Roll
PG Fist Motion Flare RickyScreen
PG 41 Weak Reverse Back PinScreen
PG 41 Strong Reverse PinScreen
PG/SG Fist Motion FlareScreen
SG Fist Motion StaggerScreen
SG Fist Motion RayScreen
SG Fist Motion 45Screen
SG 41 Weak Reverse PinScreen
SG Elbow QuickScreen
SG 41 Weak StaggerScreen
SG 41 Strong Reverse Back DownScreen
SF 41 PinScreen
SF 41 High AwayScreen
PF 41 High DownScreen
C 41 Strong Reverse DownScreen
C 41 DownScreen
PG 41 Strong Reverse SlicePostup
SG Fist Motion PostPostup
SG 41 Duck InPostup
SG 41 Strong Reverse FlexPostup
SF 41 Low Quick PostPostup
PF 41 Strong UpPostup
C 41 Quick PostPostup
C 41 Weak Quick Wing EntryPostup
C 41 Quick EntryPostup
C 41 Strong Reverse Wing EntryPostup