NBA Live 19: Dallas Mavericks Player Ratings and Roster

Armed with a backcourt of two young stars and with DeAndre Jordan at center, the Mavs will be an enjoyable prospect to play with in NBA Live 19.

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Heading into 2018/19, Mavericks fans have reason to be optimistic. With Luka Doncic and Dennis Smith Jr likely to share plenty of minutes together, they could be a lot of fun to play with in NBA Live 19. Check out the full details of their team below.


Dennis Smith Jr, PG, 81

Age: 20

Position: PG

Height: 6’3″

Playstyle: Slasher

Best stats: 90 Driving Layup, 90 Vertical, 89 Speed

Dennis Smith Jr made it clear in his rookie year why he was a top ten pick in the 2017 draft. The explosive guard managed 15.2 points, 5.2 assists and 1.0 steals during the course of the season, and though he was inefficient – fairly typical for a rookie of his type – his talent was plain to see. 

Wesley Matthews, SG, 80

Age: 31

Position: SG

Height: 6’5’’

Playstyle: Wing Shooter

Best stats: 92 Stamina, 83 3-point Shot, 82 On Ball Defense

The stereotypical 3-and-d player, Matthews has been a pillar of consistency throughout his nine seasons in the NBA. Last season, he averaged 12.7 points, 3.1 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.2 steals while shooting in the high 30’s from long range, numbers which have become synonymous with his career. Though he is listed as a shooting guard in NBA Live 19, expect him to play plenty of minutes at small forward to accommodate Luka Doncic in the backcourt with Smith Jr.


Harrison Barnes, SF, 83

Age:  26

Position: SF

Height: 6’8’’

Playstyle: Wing Scorer

Best stats: 94 Stamina, 89 On Ball Defense, 88 Speed

Since moving to Dallas in 2016, Barnes’ usage rate has seen enormous growth, though it has been accompanied by a slight drop in efficiency. Last season his numbers closely mirrored his first year in Dallas, as he averaged 18.9 points on 44.5% shooting, 6.1 rebounds and 2.0 assists. It wouldn’t be surprising to see his stats decline in 2018/19 as the Mavs begin to look more towards their young backcourt at the offensive end of the floor.

Dirk Nowitzki, PF, 81

Age: 40

Position: PF

Height: 7’0’’

Playstyle: Stretch Big

Best stats: 92 Mid-Range Shot, 90 Contested Shot, 89 Free Throw

It’s a testament to Dirk Nowitzki that aged 40, he is still listed in the Mavs’ starting lineup in NBA Live 19, even if the reality is he will probably come off the bench for much of the season. Father Time was always going to take a little longer to catch up to him considering the relative lack of athleticism he had to lose and his incredible shooting ability, but few would have expected him to still be contributing in his 40’s.

DeAndre Jordan, C, 87

Age: 30

Position: C 

Height: 6’11’’

Playstyle: Rim Protector

Best stats: 98 Rebounding, 98 Strength, 97 Post Defense

Jordan was the last member of Lob City to depart from the Clippers, and will start his first season outside of Los Angeles as the starting center for the Mavs. A terrific acquisition for the Mavs, Jordan will provide a much needed defensive presence on the inside, and will be licking his lips at the prospect of being fed at the basket by Doncic and Smith Jr.

NBA Live 19 Dallas Mavericks Roster

Name OVR Position Height Playstyle Best Stats
DeAndre Jordan 87 C 6’11” Rim Protector 98 Rebounding, 98 Strength
Harrison Barnes 83 SF 6’8″ Wing Scorer 94 Stamina, 89 On Ball Defense
Dirk Nowitzki 81 PF 7’0″ Stretch Big 92 Mid-Range Shot, 90 Contested Shot
Dennis Smith Jr 81 PG 6’3″ Slasher 90 Driving Layup, 90 Vertical
Luka Doncic 81 SG 6’7″ Wing Shooter 88 Stamina, 85 Driving Layup
Wesley Matthews 80 SG 6’5″ Wing Shooter 92 Stamina, 83 3-Point Shot
JJ Barea 79 PG 6’0″ Slasher 84 Stamina, 84 Mid-Range Shot
Jalen Brunson 78 PG 6’3″ Floor General 85 Stamina, 83 Speed
Dwight Powell 76 PF 6’10” Rim Protector 85 Dunk, 81 Inside Shot
Kostas Antetokounmpo 75 PF 6’11” Post Anchor 82 Stamina, 81 Vertical
Devin Harris 73 PG 6’3″ Floor General 84 Speed, 79 Dribbling
Salah Mejri 73 C 7’1″ Rim Protector 83 Shot Block, 79 Post Moves
Dorian Finney-Smith 71 SF 6’8″ Wing Defender 83 Stamina, 80 Speed
Maxi Kleber 71 PF 6’11” Stretch Big 80 Shot Block, 79 Post Moves


Below, we’ve listed every single play you can run with the Dallas Mavericks on NBA Live 19.

Play Name Play Type
PG Dallas Action Pick and Roll
PG Rip High Pick and Roll
PG Drag Pick and Roll
PG 14 Low High Pick and Roll
PG 41 Weak Angle Pick and Roll
PG 41 High Angle Pick and Roll
PG 41 Quick High Pick and Roll
PG 41 Weak Up Pick and Roll
PG 41 Lifted Pick and Roll
SG Wedge Knicks Pick and Roll
SG Backscreen Elbow Pick and Roll
SG Al Double Drag Pick and Roll
SG High Pistol Angle Pick and Roll
SF 41 Pin Angle Pick and Roll
SF 41 Strong Reverse Get Pick and Roll
SF 41 Strong Reverse Angle Pick and Roll
PF 41 Pitch Spread Pick and Roll
PF 41 Weak High Pick and Roll
PG 14 Circle Power Screen
PG Loop Rip Screen
PG 41 Weak Reverse Back Pin Screen
PG 41 Strong Reverse Pin Screen
SG 41 Weak Reverse Pin Screen
SG Elbow Quick Screen
SG 41 High Stagger Screen
SG 41 Weak Stagger Screen
SG 41 Strong Reverse Back Down Screen
SG/SF Flip Empty Screen
SF 41 Pin Screen
SF 41 High Away Screen
SF/PF Rip STS Screen
PF Angle Baseline Stagger Screen
PF Fist UP Baseline Exit Screen
PF Flip Baseline Exit Screen
PF Fist Up Double Rip Screen
PF Fist UP Double Rip Special Screen
PF 41 High Down Screen
C 41 Strong Reverse Down Screen
C 41 Down Screen
PG 41 Strong Reverse Slice Postup
SG 41 Duck In Postup
SG 41 Strong Reverse Flex Postup
SF 41 Low Quick Post Postup
PF Rub Postup
PF 41 Strong Up Postup
C 41 Quick Post Postup
C 41 Weak Quick Wing Entry Postup
C 41 Quick Entry Postup
C 41 Strong Reverse Wing Entry Postup