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11 Oct 2018

NBA Live 19: Best Playmaker Build and Traits

The One career mode in NBA Live 19 gives you the option to create any kind of player you want. It allows you to be the player you wish you were, and follow them through the entirety of their career. My favorite play style offered within this mode is the Playmaker; the incredibly athletic, passing, scoring, defending superstar with whom you can do almost anything. Sound like fun? To get started, click on 'character select' on the right-hand side of your home screen.

Once the 11 playing styles pop up on your screen, select the Playmaker. Playmaker’s all start with the same skill ratings; his or her layup and passing skills will both receive a 74/95 rating, while dribbling, rebounding and inside shot will all start at 74/88.

They also start with a trait called ‘catch and finish’, which gives a slight increase to your shooting accuracy in catch and finish situations. The second trait the Playmaker will start with is ‘sure handles’, which means that you’ll get a slight reduction to the chance of losing the ball while dribbling, as well as a small stamina boost. As you progress through the game there will be other traits that you're able to unlock.

Once you’ve chosen Playmaker, you’ll need to choose from two different icons. The icon system is new to NBA Live 19, and allows you to select a star player who you want your player to emulate. Your player will start with certain skills present in these stars, so it's important to choose wisely.

After you choose Playmaker as your play style, two icon options are presented: the King - who emulates LeBron James - and Magic - who emulates Magic Johnson.

Best Playmaker Icon

The King

The King’s specialized icon skill is dunking, and he or she will have the potential to earn boosts for their 3-point shot, free throw, on-ball defense, block, speed, vertical, stamina and strength. You’ll also earn boosts to all of your defensive skills when you finish at the rim. The end product of this icon has the potential to be one of the best all-round players in the game, a physical beast capable of putting up huge scoring and assist numbers, while also being an intimidating presence on defense.


Magic’s specialized icon skill is the steal. His potential skill boosts are 3-point shots, mid-range shots, free throw, shot off-dribble, passing, stamina and strength. You’ll also receive a shooting boost that can be transferred to teammates via flashy passes as you accumulate assists and rebounds. If you manage to earn all the possible upgrades with Magic, you’ll end up with a ball-handling, passing, inside-finishing beast, capable of doing it all on offense.

The Playmaker is a great play style, but of the two icon options, the King is the best. The ability to be dominant on both ends of the floor gives you the capacity to develop your player into an unstoppable force. You’ll be able to score inside and outside, dish out pretty dimes, create some highlight blocks, and play elite on-ball defense. The King, if used correctly, can become a hugely influential player, filling up the box score on a nightly basis.

Best Playmaker Build

To maximize his talents, the King needs to be a solid sized player, capable of seeing over the opposition defense and providing an intimidating presence on his own defensive end of the floor. To best achieve this, build your player to be 203cm and 100kg. His speed at this size isn’t elite but is solid enough at 77, as is his vertical at 73, while his strength rating of 73 will allow him to finish through traffic and defend both inside and out.

In summary, for the Playmaker playing style, the best icon choice and build for your player is a 203cm, 100kg King. This player can do everything. He can take it to the rack and finish strongly through traffic, get back and provide elite defense at the other end of the floor, and then dish out a flashy dime as the ball heads back the other way. A true triple-double threat, this is a hugely dangerous player and is one of the most enjoyable to play with in NBA Live 19.

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