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NBA 2K23 Best Shooting Badges on Next Gen and Current Gen

When you're putting your NBA 2K23 MyCAREER build you'll want to choose the best Shooting Badges but how do you know which ones to choose?

From Amped to Deadeye, there are several Badges to choose from on both next gen and current gen systems.

Let's take a look at how they'll affect your attributes and which ones to choose.

Best NBA 2K23 Shooting Badges

The way Shooting Badges work in NBA 2K23 are slightly different this year as the introduction of tiers has hit MyCAREER.

This provided an extra layer of depth, something that several players were happy to see but they still want to know which ones to use.

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SHOOTING BADGES: Check out all the NBA 2K23 Shooting Badges

There are a few fan favorites that have circulated at the start of NBA 2K23 and one of the most popular is Amped which is a key Shooting Badge to have.

This is the first one we're going to talk about when it comes to the best Shooting Badges to have this year.

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Amped (Perfect for 3PT Shot Creators)

Amped is currently our favorite of all the NBA 2K23 shooting badges because it combats some of the new gameplay mechanics.

Fatigue is a big factor this year but Amped will reduce the penalty that fatigue has on a player and their ability to make shots.

Here are the attribute requirements:

  • Bronze: 59 Mid-Range Shot or 70 Three-Point Shot
  • Silver: 70 Mid-Range Shot or 75 Three-Point Shot
  • Gold: 78 Mid-Range Shot or 82 Three-Point Shot
  • Hall of Fame: 85 Mid-Range Shot or 90 Three-Point Shot

Builds such as 3PT Shot Creator has to use dribble moves to create separation. The Amped Badge will help you combat the fatigue penalty associated with it.

Deadeye (Great for Playmaking Builds)

The Deadeye NBA 2K23 Shooting Badge has returned and has always been a favorite for Playmaking Builds.

Defense is a focal point of the game this year and Deadeye will help reduce jump shot penalties when the defender is closing out.

Here are the attribute requirements:

  • Bronze: 71 Three-Point Shot
  • Silver: 82 Three-Point Shot
  • Gold: 91 Three-Point Shot
  • Hall of Fame: 99 Three-Point Shot

Deadeye counters defense by reducing penalties when an opponent is playing tight on you.

Limitless Range (Great for smaller guards)

Limitless Range is another fan favorite that you're guaranteed to see on tons of smaller guards that focus on shooting from the perimeter.

The Limitless Range Badge in NBA 2K23 extends the range from which a player can shoot three-pointers effectively from deep, think Stephen Curry or Trae Young.

Here are the attribute requirements:

  • Bronze: 74 Three-Point Shot
  • Silver: 85 Three-Point Shot
  • Gold: 92 Three-Point Shot
  • Hall of Fame: 99 Three-Point Shot

This is a great Badge to have if you're looking to extend your range. Keep in mind you'll still need to use the right timing and NBA 2K23 jump shot animation.

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