NBA 2K22 Season 7: Rise of Heroes Agendas & Events in MyTEAM and MyCAREER

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NBA 2K22 Season 7 is underway and we've got a ton of things that you'll need to do to get to Level 40.

There are also some specific Agendas available that can help you get to Level 40 faster and grab the Level 40 DM Anthony Edwards.

From MyTEAM Challenges to events in MyCAREER, let's get you prepped for everything going down in Season 7.


Latest - How to level up fast in MyTEAM

We've broken down how you can earn rewards quickly and get to that exclusive Level 40 reward of the DM Anthony Edwards.

One of these ways includes completing the Jrue Holiday Agenda. Once completed, you'll have a free DM Jrue Holiday as well.

NBA 2K22 Season 7
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HOLIDAY REWARDS: Earn XP and a free Dark Matter with this Agenda

Here's what you'll need to do to earn the rewards and XP available for this NBA 2K22 Season 7 Agenda:

Jrue Holiday Exchange:

  • Win 30 TT Games
    • Reward - Jrue Holiday Triple Threat Event Card
  • Win 15 TTO Games
    • Reward - Holiday Triple Threat: The 100 Event Card

For more on how to level up quickly, follow this link.

NBA 2K22 Season 7 Start Date

The official release date for NBA 2K22 Season 7 is Friday, May 20.

This means we'll get a massive update on the day pushing all of the new Season 7 content live, and it will likely be followed by a new ratings update as well.

NBA 2K22 Season 7
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NEW UPDATES: Triple Threat has received an additional update

The theme for NBA 2K22 Season 7 is Return of Heroes, and here's what it has in store.


NBA 2K22 Season 7 MyCAREER Rewards & Content

Season 7 introduces some exciting new rewards for NBA 2K22 MyCAREER players as well as a new event for those on next-gen platforms.

For MyCAREER rewards, Season 7: Return of Heroes offers the following:

Next Gen Rewards (PS5 & Xbox Series X|S)

  • Season Level 40 - Jetpack
  • Season Level 30 - NBA Mascot Outfit

Current Gen Rewards (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch)

  • Season Level 40 - NBA Mascot Outfit
  • Season Level 30 - Affiliation Mascot Outfit

New Game Mode Content: TKO (Next Gen Exclusive)

TKO is a MyCAREER game mode in NBA 2K22 that brings back the classic feel of team-on-team competition from the Park days. In this game mode, teams face off with much more on the line than your typical park or rec lobby.


In TKO, winning teams rise up to the next floor where they'll face other tougher competition, and as teams advance, rewards and bonus XP gets even better.

Teams with winning streaks earn tons of bonus rewards, but teams that get relegated down three tiers will be eliminated entirely.

NBA 2K22 Season 7 MyTEAM Rewards & Content

MyTEAM is getting the bulk of the new content in NBA 2K22 Season 7: Return of Heroes.

This new content includes tons of massive new cards players can earn in a variety of ways.

Here's a quick rundown of some of the things to expect in MyTEAM in NBA 2K22 Season 7:

  • New Season Rewind Domination tier with new 99-star reward: Invincible Tim Hardaway
  • New Level 1 reward: Hero Galaxy Opal Zion Williamson
  • Challenger Mural collection reward (completion): Invincible Joel Embiid
  • New Limited rewards (6 rings): Beyond 40 Option Pack
  • New Dark Matter Rewards
    • Season Level 40 – Invincible Anthony Edwards
    • Season Level 33 – Mike Conley
    • Season Ascension – Joe Dumars
    • Clutch Time 100 Wins – Fernando Martin
    • Clutch Time Wheel – Gilbert Arenas
    • Unlimited – Michael Finley
    • MyTEAM: Draft – Moses Malone
    • Triple Threat Vault – LaMarcus Aldridge
    • Triple Threat Online: The 100 – Jamaal Wilkes
    • Exchange – Sam Cassell
    • Token Rewards – Oscar Robertson & Antawn Jamison