NBA 2K22 MyCAREER: Small Forward Builds to take over The City

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Building a dominant MyPLAYER is paramount if you want to be competitive in NBA 2K22. Players around the world have tried to iron out the best position and build to do this.

Most have landed on building a Small Forward, the same position players like Lebron James are. If you want to build the best SF there are a couple of incredible builds you can try out.


We've got the best NBA 2K22 Small Forward builds here for you and what you need to get started!

NBA 2K22 Best Small Forward builds

There are quite a few really great Small Forward builds, but we believe that we've found the best three to make you an overpowered Small Forward in NBA 2K22.

Keep in mind when choosing your build, which kind of Small Forward you'd like your MyPLAYER to emulate. We'll be sure to include their comparison players to help you along.

Here are our favorite (and most effective) Small Forward builds in NBA 2K22.

Facilitating 3-Level 2-Way

One of the best ways to make a dominant MyPLAYER in NBA 2K22 is by having them be solid all around the court. You can do that with the Facilitating 3-Level 2-Way build.


Shooting from outside is no sweat and you'll have shades of the older Lebron James with this one in the rest of your skillset.

Lebron James in NBA 2K22
RUN THE COURT: Facilitate the flow of the game with this build.

Getting started with this build is a little unique, but it should be no sweat with this guide:

  • Height: 6'9" to 6'10"
  • Weight: 225LBS
  • Wingspan: 84.0"
  • Build: Facilitating 3-Level 2-Way
  • Primary Takeover: Spot Up Precision
  • Secondary Takeover: Negative Impact

2-Way 3PT Shot Creator

Perhaps you aren't looking for someone to manage the court, maybe you'd rather have a good defender that can knock down shots from beyond the arc at a steady clip.


This type of build is reminiscent of Peja Stojakovic who was one of the best Small Forwards in NBA history from the 3PT line. He was also an incredible defender, which is important in NBA 2K22, especially at the perimeter.

Here's how you can get started on this incredible build:

  • Height: 6'6"
  • Weight: 180LBS
  • Wingspan: 85.0"
  • Build: 2-Way 3PT Shot Creator
  • Primary Takeover: Limitless Range
  • Secondary Takeover: Enhanced Jumpshot Contests

Point Forward

This is a really rare build that not a lot of players have capitalized on when making their MyPLAYER this year. This is close to the 3-Level Scorer build, but with way better defense.

You'll be able to score from beyond the arc, inside, and mid-range, all while not surrendering defense and playmaking capabilities. Kawhi Leonard is the best example of this particular build.

Kawhi Leonard in NBA 2K22
LOCKDOWN: Kawhi Leonard represents the Point Forward build rather well

This is a consistent shooting build, with reliable defense and handles that can contend with smaller guards at the perimeter. To be most effective, be sure to get familiar with the shooting mechanics in NBA 2K22 though.

Here's how to get started with this build:

  • Height: 6'6"
  • Weight: 175LBS (For Speed)
  • Wingspan: 86.0"
  • Build: Point Forward
  • Takeover: Lockdown Defender

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