NBA 2K20: Best Young Centers (Under 25) – Embiid, Jokic & more

The best way to build your team is through the big man. But which young ones are the best?

Nick Farrell by Nick Farrell

The center position has seen a changing of the guard over the last decade or so.

We are no longer in the era of Shaq or Hakeem. Teams are going away from the traditional team-building strategy of having a world-class big man, thanks to the NBA’s heavy emphasis on three-point shooting. Because of this, we have seen less and less big men having a significant impact on games and are often not as important down the stretch of a game as the superstar scorers like Steph Curry and Kawhi Leonard.

However, there have been some big men entering the league that are adapting to this new NBA. We have seen some immense talents drafted in recent years and some are still so young. These are the best centers under 25 in NBA 2K20.

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Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers – 91 OVR

Age: 25

The big man hailing from Africa has been nothing short of spectacular since entering the league.  Embiid has never managed to play a full season in his short NBA career yet due to his recent history of injuries which has hesitated many from hailing him as the best big man in the league just yet.

Though he has not the best luck so far in the NBA, he has dominated opposing teams. Last year Embiid put up 28 points per game along with grabbing 14 rebounds per game, a stat line that earned him an All-Star bid as well.

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Nikola Jokic, Denver Nuggets – 90 OVR

Age: 24

Dubbed “The Joker”, the Serbian big man has been a revolution for the Denver Nuggets and their surprise climb to the second seed in the competitive Western Conference last year. 

Jokic is not your traditional big man, although he puts up points like no other he is well known for his tremendous passing ability and is compared to an All-Pro NFL quarterback with the way he can distribute the ball. 

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Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota Timberwolves – 89 OVR

Age: 23

The former Kentucky star and number one overall pick has been consistent throughout his NBA career so far. Although the Timberwolves have been disappointing over recent seasons, KAT has not. Putting up 24 points per game along with 12 rebounds and a staggering 40% from the three-point line saw him put up his most productive season yet. 

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Clint Capela, Houston Rockets – 85 OVR

Age: 25

The big man for the rising Rockets has been essential to their success in the regular season. We know Capela for his stellar play in the pick and roll situations, which has become James Harden’s go to play for the Rockets offense.

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Jusuf Nurkic, Portland Trail Blazers – 83 OVR

Age: 25

The Bosnian Beast has been a solid option on the Trail Blazers offense as of late. Seen as the third option on the team in favor of their star backcourt, Nurkic finally received the recognition he deserved this season past.

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DeAndre Ayton, Phoenix Suns – 82 OVR

Age: 21

The Rookie of the Year runner up was a sensation last year for the abysmal Phoenix Suns, posting a double-double throughout the whole year he did not receive as much attention as warranted, however.

Ayton is listed at 7 foot 1 and can dominate any position in today’s NBA, we have seen him be very versatile throughout the year especially on the offensive end. The Suns have not been a playoff contender for years now, but with a young core with Ayton at the heart of it could this finally be the year they make the playoffs?

Myles Turner, Indiana Pacers – 82 OVR

Age: 23

Turner has become one of the Pacers staple players in their recent rise in the Eastern Conference. Alongside star shooting guard, Victor Oladipo the two have created a dynamic combo that the league should be fearing for years to come. 


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