NBA 2K19: MyTeam System Proficiency Explained

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In MyTeam mode, everyone understands that just having the best cards of players is not the way to win. You have to learn how to balance the team through the budget, as well as through the proficiency system. 

Table of Contents

There are multiple factors that go into dealing with the proficiency system. Making sure all of the factors come together properly is of the utmost importance. As such, here is our helpful guide to understanding and mastering the System Proficiency.


It starts with the coach

Just like with previous iterations of NBA 2k, 2K19 deals primarily with bringing a team together formed from different players. You are free to mix and match players up however you please, but you won’t get anywhere if you just haphazardly throw them together. Each player has their own unique style of play that they fit best with.

Each of these styles can be characterized by a coach. These coaches are the core of your MyTeam powerhouse. The coach that you choose will boast certain positives that they can bring to the team. For instance, if one coach specializes in perimeter gameplay, then they may boost 3-point shooting over in-paint playmaking. 


The amplifiers of the system

When you find the coach that fits your style of play, it’s time to boost the proficiency of this system. There is an overall proficiency that your team will have, which is signified by the larger overall counter. This counter is an average of all 5 of your starting roster. Each player has their own proficiency that will either lower or raise depending on the system that is being employed by your coach. If, for instance, you are running a perimeter system, but you play mostly strong power players, they may struggle to execute your coach’s system. Thus, the system proficiency will lower drastically.

Amplifying the amplifiers

As stated, the players are the amplifiers of the system itself. But, the coach that you use can add a bonus amplifier to the players themselves, depending on the rarity and tier of the coach. Bringing in a higher tier of the same system means that the coach can garner stronger system stats from the players, thus increasing their proficiency even more. Vice versa, however, with a stronger coach, the weaknesses of the system will tend to be exposed a bit more as well. However, if you find the best coaches, there is a decent chance that the weaknesses will actually be covered more than less secured.


Made for all styles

The primary positive of the System is that it allows for open and strategic play. One type of system may be good against another, while it suffers to its own counterpart. You are able to pick and choose a system that you can play the best, even if it may not be meta strong. To increase your system proficiency boosts, get a better coach in that same style. This fosters a more open field of challenging play, all ripe for your picking.