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NBA 2K19: Minnesota Timberwolves Player Ratings and Roster

Although they have no championships under their belt, the Minnesota Timberwolves are always quite hopeful that they’ll make it. Having finished 8th in the western conference, they know they have the goods. Hopefully, they can make it function at a higher pace this year.

Starting Lineup

Jeff Teague, PG (OVR 79) 

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Age: 30

Height: 6’2”

Traits: Offensive Star


Best Attributes: Ball Handling, Stamina, Passing

Not the most amazing player, but definitely not the worst, Jeff Teague had a decent season. Averaging a good 14.2 points per game, as well as 7.0 assists, he is seen as the playmaker of the team, that is also able to make plays happen on his own if absolutely necessary. Just don’t expect him to be able to get all those rebounds as he only averaged 3.0 last season.

Andrew Wiggins, SG (OVR 81) 

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Age: 23

Height: 6’8”

Traits: Athletic Finisher

Best Attributes: Vertical, Stamina, Lateral Quickness

The Kansas alum has shown that all of his hype and fame was not to be underestimated. However, he has seemed to be on a downward curve as of late. In his most recent year, he only got 17.7 average points per game, with only 4.4 total rebounds. For him, that is a decline. But, many think that he will be able to push it up and over during this year, as he did have a good .481 eFG%.

Jimmy Butler, SF (OVR 89) 

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Age: 29

Height: 6’8”

Traits: Two-Way Star

Best Attributes: Stamina, Lateral Quickness, Layups

After a smashing year in 2018 with the Timberwolves, Jimmy Butler hopes to show that he can do it again (until he is traded at least). Averaging 22.2 points per game, as well as 5.3 rebounds per game, he has shown that he can do everything, including team play with 4.9 assists averaged. After demanding a trade, it appears the star will continue to play for this squad until management can get a trade lined up for him.

Taj Gibson, PF (OVR 76) 

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Age: 33


Height: 6’9”

Traits: Low Post Threat

Best Attributes: Strength, Layups, Post Offense

Taj’s first season with the wolves was a decent success. He averaged a .577 FG%, resulting in him having a 12.2 points average throughout the season. On the defensive side, he had a 7.1 total rebounds averaged throughout each game, making him a decent opponent on both sides of the court.

Karl Anthony-Towns, C (OVR 91) 

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Age: 22

Height: 7’0”

Traits: Rebounding Scoring Machine


Best Attributes: Stamina, Layups, Mid-Range

What more can be said about Karl-Anthony Towns? At just 22 years of age, he’s touted as one of the strongest centers in the league, and with good reason. He averaged a high 21.3 points per game, as well as 12.3 average rebounds per game. This puts him at a strong point even for a possible MVP if he can compound on those numbers going into the 2019 season.

NBA 2K19 Minnesota Timberwolves Roster

Name OVR Position Height Age
Jeff Teague79PG6'2"30
Andrew Wiggins81SF6'8"23
Jimmy Butler89SG6'8"29
Taj Gibson76PF6'9"33
Karl-Anthony Towns91C7'0"22
Derrick Rose77PG6’3”30
Tyus Jones74PG6’2”22
Josh Okogie71SG6’4”28
James Nunnally72SF6’7”28
Keita Bates-Diop70SF6’9”22
Anthony Tolliver74PF6’8”33
Gorgui Dieng75C6’11”28
Justin Patton70C7’0”21
C.J. Williams69SG6’5”28